Our Honorary President speaks!

Watching Newswatch 9 last Friday I watched Our Glorious Leader Donald Keene殿 being interviewed. First off, a big thanks to my friends in NHK for writing the intro that described how his naturalisation was spurred by flyjin, and then Sensei Keene opened by elaborated on the guestist stance that it is rude for resident foreigners to complain about Japan. Go Sensei!!!

Warming up, he moved on to his main theme of the current political situation; looking at the relationships with Japan’s neighbours, and based on his experiences in the Second World War, he reckoned we should all goose-step behind Ishihara and nuke Beijing … or did he? Removing my rose-tinted ear-muffs, I listened again and actually he said all this talk about a Strong Japan really is appalling, and can’t we all just get along? Furthermore, Hashimoto is uncultured to cut Bunraku funding, and politicians should remember their humanity first.

:shock:   :?: !!WHAT!! :?:   :shock:

I had been led to believe by Debito.org that Decrepit Don was as one with us, sucking the twin teats of the ministry of culture and the imperial household whilst lining up to visit the graves of the so-called war criminals at Yasukuni, but now I see the coffin-dodger is nothing but a hater! I propose a motion that his lifetime membership of the Japologist Society be rescinded for his flagrant transgressions against Rule 3.

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  1. Saw the interview — good summary. I would add to the groundswell of evidence that Mr. Keene has clearly aligned himself with the opposition’s stated policy that one should never marry a Japanese woman, nor produce a haafu kid to be mentally castrated and assimilated into the hive mind.


  2. @iago: Indeed, ドン臭い is fair the race traitor. I back people like Mr Griz, saving one’s kids by taking them away to receive the 6th greatest education in the world.

  3. Clicked on the “Rule 3” link, fully knowing what to expect. An ad for the Hobbit movie started up, and my first thought was; “Python have done a Hobbit movie!?”

    I know, #offtopic :oops:

  4. Graylandertagger

    Are you going to do a post about Debito’s false claim on the new ID’s cards? I just want to know considering how obviously falsified his claim is as you can tell that the sleeve he included was from the United States.

  5. @Graylandertagger: Actually, his whole point was that if the US is issuing these sleeves to shield their RF cards, then the cards must be wide open to tracking by satellite and any scientific evidence to the contrary is rendered invalid, and the Japanese government is clearly telling porkies.

  6. @Ken Y-N: Actually, my four-year-old just spilt his Miso soup on the tatami. As punishment I will be consigning him to both elementary and secondary education in Japan. That’ll teach him. Or at least force him to rote memorise a few things.

  7. Graylandertagger


    Not to go off topic for too long, but how is the Japanese government telling lies about the cards?

  8. @Graylandertagger: That’s a question you’ll need to ask the people making that assertion.

  9. Oh, and in the long tradition on Tepido/Japologism cyber-stalking, I have managed to track down a picture of “Eric C“.

  10. @iago:
    Oh wow, that just makes everything click.

  11. So, no surprises. The politics of someone famed in the field of literature are generally left wing stuff the debito crowd would likely agree with, if no name were attached to the quotes. Why do they hate him?

    Over there Succeeding In Japan trumps all as the damnable sin. Anything else (calling a flyjin a flyjin)is just supporting evidence.

  12. Dear General Secretary,

    While I concede that Honorary President has disagraced himself with recent comments criticising anything/something/someone/anyone Japanese, and thus committing the various heresies
    * of not sucking “it” up,
    * of casting doubt on the fitness of our inevitable and desirable future supreme leader as a guardian of the cultural flame of Yamato-ism
    * of not having bubble-era-white-boy-gaijin-how-dare-you-not-all-be-ninja-robots-by-now fantasies about Japan as supremeo-powero-numero-uno-uber-alles-in-alles,
    * of suggesting that there is something even the slightest, teensiest-weensiest bit awry in Japanese political life,
    * of (cover your ears children) implying the possibility of dispute and disagreement within Japanese society, and
    * of not being here, in the words of the poet, to get “Japanese panties, verifiably scented with poon tang”

    I would like to point out that he does an awfully good job of pissing off a small internet-based bunch of nut-headed racist homophobes simply by existing, and as such may be forgiven his current transgressions. Move to strike the motion.

  13. @iago: Respect Mah Authoritah!

  14. Great words written & spoken:

    When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people….

    If you can meet with triumph and disaster
    And treat those two imposters just the same

    Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

    For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground
    And tell sad stories of the death of kings;

    Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, “This was their finest hour”

    Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up (#JimmyV)

    And last, but not least:

    Japanese panties, verifiably scented with poon tang

    Yes, the classics do bring a tear to my eye….

  15. @VK: Ah, OK, for this time, although Mr Keene will be finding his frequency on the toilet cleaning roster is somewhat higher than usual. :mrgreen:

  16. O my people, what have I done unto thee?

  17. @?:

    Er…God? Is that you?

  18. Sorry to change the topic, but James from Japan Probe hasn’t posted to his blog or Twitter since November 13. Does anyone know if he’s ok?

  19. @VK
    Job 38

  20. @Sublight:

    Yes, he is. I’ve communicated with him this week.

  21. @havill:

    So, is he being sued or something?

  22. Ok, just checking. In just the last month I’ve learned about two online acquaintances in Japan dying, so I get a bit antsy now when someone suddenly drops off the radar.

  23. @?:

    Job 38?

    I have to say, for an omniscient being, you really do ask too many bloody questions. Can’t you google?

  24. On a completely unrelated note, my voting certificate arrived today. I’m having difficulty deciding between Matsuzawa (who was a solid mayor IMHO) and Yoshida (who has honest-to-Allah foreign policy experience, but might not live through the term).

    So, I put this question to the Torpedoes: if you could vote in the Tokyo governor special election, who would you choose … and why?

  25. @Steve: I think Dr NakuMats and Mac Asakusa should run on a “Not as bonkers as Ishihara” ticket.

    Seriously, I’d vote for Inose, as he seems to have been the brains behind Ishihara.

  26. @Ken Y-N:

    I dismissed Inose out-of-hand; if I disagreed with Maggie’s politics, why would I want to vote for Neave?

    (yes, I’m equating the Senkaku mess with the Fuckin’ Islands mess. Blinky must have a framed oil portrait of Thatcher over his second-best bed)

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the mad scientist running the show, in the hopes that he puts Tokyo back on track towards a Neuromancer reality. Akasaka seems to be on the same wavelength as Chamberlain, and the wife will probably divorce me if I vote for Utsunomiya.

  27. @VK
    לְכָל הָרוּחוֹת! I told my leftie son people wouldn’t listen. I guess I’ll just retire and tend my own garden.

  28. Inose definitely seems like the best choice. He rarely gets involved in the nonsense that Ishihara is famous for, and was one of the key players in making sure that TEPCO was held responsible for its actions after the Fukushima disaster. He spent considerable time making sure that TEPCO has thoroughly sold off its subsidiaries before making a push to raise electric rates to Tokyoites. If I recall correctly, he was also heavily involved in developing a plan to diversify Tokyo’s energy production, including opening up transmission lines and pushing for an LNG power plant.

    The guy really has done a lot for the city:


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