“Phoning it in” is an insult to phones

The dear doctor sadly has not been dropped by the Japan Times, but instead he has had a lazy article posted under “The Foreign Element” tag, for some reason, although there is little evidence of foreigners in the article. He seems to have spent more effort in getting Jeff Kingston’s passing mention of his book into his Wikipedia entry than he has on the JT article, yet he seems to have missed a real review of his tome. I quite enjoyed the closing sentence:

He may no longer be living in the land of the brokenhearted, but I suspect the disorder is not so easily cured.

I can imagine him writing a blog entry on how unfair this apologist has been, playing the man, not the ball, an event I look forward to.

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  1. Read the JPRI article — couldn’t find the review.

  2. Booker T Washington

    That’s not a review, it’s a summary.

  3. KT88 (snickering)

    wow, deadbeat dad is really, really angry… I wonder, could there be another divorce in the works… no, he would never let personal matters affect his “professional” activities… would he?

  4. @KT88 (snickering):

    Oh, come on, don’t be so sly. Who are we talking about and where?

  5. Dr. Aruzo Debeso

    I somehow doubt that Debito’s “losers club” have more than a few yen to rub together.

  6. @Cornelius:

    I am not sure what is more appalling Debito’s asking for money or using magnum opus to describe his own academic work. Work based on a dissertation submitted to a second rate university and later a second rate (at best) commercial academic press. :headdesk:

  7. Dr. Aruzo Debeso

    “magnum opus”… what a fuckhead… :headdesk:

  8. He is such an assclown.

    And so am I for falling down Debito’s rabbithole again, via a post of his that preceded this:

    He really has issues with copyright (and intellectual discourse, and basic manners, and logic, and etc. etc.) doesn’t he?

  9. Oh shit, now I’ve found his parvum opus online. How the shitting hell did this ever get published. There is an entire chapter reprinting the ‘Japanese Only’ section of his website which fails to acknowledge anywhere the problematic nature of the evidence and seemingly makes no attempt to explain how it constitutes the particularly *racial* discrimination that seems to be the central thesis of his book (although I haven’t read all of it and can only bear to skim read it so I may be completely wrong on this point – but I figure that’s never stopped the mighty Aldwinckle so why let it stop me!).

  10. KT88 (light surprise, slight return)

    @Taurus: Aside from what you mentioned there are many other, deeper, significant flaws (aside from the obvious conclusions and lazy reasoning there are also methodological problems) with his “book”. The largest of which is the omission/exclusion of any/all Japanese scholarship done in the last decade on similar issues.

    I don’t know where you got it, however, there are large chunks freely viewable (readable is such a strong word) online via google scholar…

  11. Dr. Aruzo Debeso

    I see through Debito’s fund raising campaign he’s managed to raise a whopping $25. I wonder what he’s going to do with all that money?

  12. Dr. Aruzo Debeso

    … $85 even. Still, he’s rolling in money now. Totally cashed up.

  13. Dedicated Whale Researcher

    Is there a link to the PhD paper online?

    I think it will provide me with some solid understanding. Namely, how many pages of nonsense I need to pad in order to purchase a PhD from Meiji University.

  14. Dr. Aruzo Debeso

    It wasn’t Meiji University, It was Meiji’s shitty cousin, Meiji Gakuin University. According to this site, it’s ranked as #154 in Japan… oh soooo prestigious! http://www.4icu.org/jp/

  15. ahhh…..stalking Debito…..good times

  16. @ilikedolphins

    Some things never change.

  17. Ric O’Barry’s detention in the Gaijin Gulag has attracted attention lately.


  18. I wonder if the Japan Times editorial team ever gets bored of writing the same article about the latest activist who has been detained by the Japanese government for political reasons. I wonder whether they will ever get around to pointing out that these guys are being detained because they have the wrong visa – in the same way that anyone trying to enter any country with the wrong visa would be. Does the Japan Times ever publish any articles that have anything positive to say about Japan?

  19. @Taurus:

    Ironically, this is rather positive (regardless what you may think of hate speech laws yourself), all things considered:


    The comments contain a lovely exchange where a rather excitable apologist (in the proper sense) thinks he is winning on the Internet because someone who reported getting abused for being a foreigner in Osaka used what he thinks is the wrong English punctuation. (It’s possible the poster has invented the case, or he may indeed have met a racist asshole. I don’t think punctuation comes into it.)

    It’s a good example of what the difference between a japologist and an actual apologist is. There’s objecting to comparisons of Japan with Apartheid or the Deep South, and then there’s trying to say that no individual cases of abuse against ethnic minorities here can ever be complained about because Trayvon Martin and Stalin. (Yep, Stalin.)

  20. Reeks of slavery!

  21. English Teachers are niggers.
    Well-paid English Teachers like VK are Uncle Tom house niggers.

  22. @Taurus:

    Does the Japan Times ever publish any articles that have anything positive to say about Japan?

    But if they did… where, then, would they get their revenues?

  23. This.


    I want to critique but it’s so super stupid I stopped thinking about it.

    House nigger Gaijin scum getting paid in pretend jobs.

  24. I’ll level with you: I am pretty sure I will not endeavour to hire Coach Gattig for any inter-cultural coaching. I might consider his services if I need someone to spin out half-truths and exaggerations across a few thousand boring, asinine words in a bid to shill some consultancy services.

  25. One look at his Facebook page and boom! Slacks.

  26. “I work for a Japanese corporation that has native and foreign staff collaborating on English education, in a spirit of cross-cultural understanding based on personal and professional esteem.”

    Roughly translates to “I’m an ALT.”

  27. Christ.

    “I never believed that Japanese use chopsticks while we use knife and fork until last week a funny thing happened to my wife when the comedy foreigner in her office tried to eat his lunch with the petrified thighbone of a dead Vietcong.”

  28. On the earlier topic of Ideto panhandling on his site: I wonder how much he’s getting paid to shill for the finance guy he mentioned in a recent incisive article blog post?

  29. Complaining that the JT does not review his book, even though they did publish one review of it… – even though it doesn’t qualify – because “Japanophiles” means “people who like Japan”. :razz:

    Just stirring the pot…

  30. What’s happened here anyway? I finally weaned myself off this kind of Internet and when I come back everyone’s gone.

    Makes me feel important.

  31. http://www.locoinyokohama.com/2016/02/19/springthing/

    I just feel so sorry for this guy now, walking around awkwardly splurting イイテンキデスネ at random strangers on the street and getting butthurt at any level of response less than his endearingly confused and fleeting cultural memories of utopian shared communities in 1960s California.

    -iiiiiiitenks sne

    -so’ssu ne. anata ittai dare?

    -what maaaan? blogs maaaan. i invented em

    -Jamaica? Africa? America?

    -*cough* What makes you think I’m mayate essae?

    -your goofy fucking teeth and shoulder chips?

    -Haveas Corpus! Escapuli!

    -nanka mondai aruno?

    -it’s spring. the seasons are changing.

    -dakara nanyanen omae?

    -if I were a middle-aged Japanese ‘salariman’ with a real job you’d known since primary school this conversation might have gone differently…

    -you have job?

    -let’s not go there. It’s spring. I have forced happiness to instigate.

  32. Thanks for sharing. I never tire of reading the imagined slights of nutty expats. (This is not sarcasm.)

  33. I notice that Debito has successfully managed to ride out the wikiepedia storm and is now once again successfully using it as his CV. eg. getting his latest (semi?)self-published bilge added to because it was referenced by someone in a blog post in the online parish journal The Japan Times.

  34. So, next week, are we going to have some kind of 5th anniversary commemorative Flamewar of the Damned or something? I would think one would want to mark the defining event of our age in some fashion…

  35. 50 shades of Di Griz

    @The 2-Belo: @The 2-Belo:

    Maybe just for you; the one lonely sod who still bothers to come here expecting a thriving community of Mister Toms :roll:

  36. Dr. Aruzo Debeso

    Wtf is a “mister Tom”?

  37. ilikedolphins

    It’s a House Nigger

  38. Dr. Aruzo Debeso

    House gaijin?

  39. ilikedolphins

    You know, someone like Mr Ken who has a company job. There’s no way that is possible in Japan without sacrificing your identity and becoming a race traitor.

    It’s why teaching English is the only honest profession

  40. 50 shades of Di Griz


    “You know, someone like Mr Ken who has a company job. There’s no way that is possible in Japan without sacrificing your identity and becoming a race traitor.”


    “It’s why teaching English is the only honest profession”


    Wow, that’s gotta be a first. You posted a comment totally serious and devoid of sarcasm! :lol:

  41. ilikedolphins

    Debito allowed a Japanese company to employ him for a period.

    Laughably, they insisted he wear shoes and disturbingly, tried to limit his toilet visitations to five times daily.

    He didn’t buckle though. Just took it to the limit and gave it up for English Teaching which is what got him to where he is today.

    Stupid Mr Ken, wearing shoes and punching himself in the bladder.

  42. 50 shades of Di Griz

    @ilikedolphins: Why have a dog and bark yourself? Hasn’t he got a kohai to punch him in the bladder, or is he still at the bottom of the heap, being a gaijin and all?

  43. 50 shades of Di Griz

    @ Mike Guest

    What’s your take on Sean K? :lol:

  44. @50 shades of Di Griz: Well played, sir, well played!


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