Quite competent, but questions a-begging

Just Be Cause:

As my doctoral research demonstrated, “Japaneseness” is linked to physical appearance by Japan’s laws, law enforcement, public policy, jurisprudence and media messages.

While I can agree with some of that list, I’d love to learn what laws mention physical appearance. I’d also disagree that research can demonstrate things.

Permanent residents should claim their minority status themselves. After all, if you can stay here as a permanent part of a society, you can qualify as a minority.

I haven’t a clue about how I would go about claiming my minority status, and I’m not really sure I want to either.

That includes the foreign scholars of minority issues, who despite decades living in and researching in Japan, don’t appear to consider themselves members of a minority.

I’m not sure if this is some subtle dig against someone, or a boast, or what. And given he says “the foreign scholars”, is he implying none consider themselves a minority?

First, if the Japanese police must go gaijin hunting, then train them properly in immigration law.

“Must” they? Are you tacitly approving? :shock: Furthermore, the immigration law issue he brings up is, I think, more down to lazy news reporting than to ignorant police.

However, we can start off small by officially depicting Japaneseness as a legal status, not a bloodline-determined mystical concept entwined with racial purity.

Isn’t that how it is already officially seen – even Shintaro Ishihara says foreigners should naturalise if they want to vote, and I don’t think you can get much more officially Japaneseness than participating in elections here. What exactly do you mean?

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  1. @Ken Y-N:

    “BTW, I also recently realised that Meiji Gakuin is not the graduate school of Meiji Uni, but instead some private learning establishment.”

    I put quite a lot of effort into finding the exact wording Debito used when he took (inept) aim at Mr Guest all those years ago. Very disappointed that my humdinger of a zinger didn’t win more approbation on here.

  2. Can any well-to-do Americans tell me if he employs vernacularly common phrases or he just talks funny.

  3. @Taurus:

    #132. That’s a big step up from #324.

  4. @Taurus:

    But to answer your question a little more seriously, Taurus, it looks like Dr. D’s university of choice belongs on Dr. D’s “university blacklist”:

    Position Opening: Instructor of English

    The Faculty of International Studies, Meiji Gakuin University invites application for one full-time position in the Faculty’s English language education program.

    Terms of Employment and Rank
    The position is full-time, non-tenure-track position for a term of four years with the possibility of a single renewal for an additional four years based on a review process during the fourth year. The successful applicant should be able to start working from April 1, 2015. Depending on the experience and qualifications, the appointment will be at the rank of Assistant Professor or Professor.


  5. Quoted from a recent letter to the editor from the Japan Times. (A newspaper.)

    “If, all of a sudden, Tokyo/Kanto was composed of 40 percent or more white people immigrated from Europe, the U.S. and Australia, the first thing to collapse would be Japanese social standards and norms. Japanese male culture, pathos and patriarchal thinking would get a slap in the face. Western common sense and their power of free thinking would obliterate Japanese male chauvinism in a second. Instantly women would have true rights, children would be seen as the future and everyone could live free of chauvinist males dominating family lives and work ethics. Suicide, subordination, rank and hierarchy culture, male chauvinist pathos and childish narrowmindedness would be labeled as anti-values of society.”


  6. beneaththewheel

    I’ve visisted Meiji Gakuin, and think it’s a good university.

  7. @beneaththewheel:

    Itto izu a guddo yunibashitī.

    (Home of the inventor of Hepburn style rōmaji)

  8. @iLikedolphins:

    Are you pulling our leg? Could I have a link please? A real newspaper wouldn’t dare run something that racist, even if it was a reader’s opinion.

  9. Meiji Gakuin is a middle-ranking university. It’s respectable enough. The only reason for pointing out that it’s hardly top 100 is if the person in question had made an ass of himself about the kind of university he went to, such as (for fuck’s sake) trying to ruin someone else’s career simply for daring to compare their own academic credentials to his.

  10. @havill:



    A quick google suggests Christian Schubert is real and from Luxembourg.

    (And Ken – fat fingered premature posting above: pls delete to reduce clutter if possible)

  11. @havill: Are you claiming the Japan Times is a real newspaper? Who is doing the leg-pulling? :facepalm:

  12. @VK:

    Shockingly racist. Replace the word “Japanese” with “Black” (or any other race besides White), “Tokyo/Kanto” with “Washington D.C.” (or pick any urban area where the vast majority of the population isn’t White), and pretend that article was written in response to the report of a social ill of some particular society. *

    Now, I’m sure Stormfront writes similar letters to the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and L.A. Times, all the time. But those papers have the good judgement not to publish them.

    * For the readers out there who are not Japologism regulars: when reading Debito.org comments, try the same game: replacing the words “Japanese” etc. with other minority races and ethnicities and see how it sounds in your heads. Doesn’t work for all the comments. But there are some on Debito.org that are a real doozy.

  13. @havill:

    All very true, which leads us to question why Ben Stubbings, the Japan Times Community editor, thinks it’s just fine to publish such blatantly racist material.

  14. In lighter news a white Englishman went to the beach and managed to find a way to work the nail that sticks out must be hammered down into the story. Kudos.


  15. KT88 (A Freudian cigar chomper)

    @havill: Racist, yes but hardly shocking. Your average temp working, no-language skilled gaijin quietly crossed the line from naive dunderhead to informed yet somehow remarkably retarded, mean-spirited, ignorant psuedo-colonialist quite some time ago.

    But my favorite is neither the racism in the letter nor the courageous actions of Dolphins’ stiff-upper-lipped Imperial hero… No, my favorite is the thing they have in common, the old fallback for psychologically damaged, socially unintegrated gaijin – that lodestone of righteousness and unquestionable, nay indisputable, ever reliable trope that the Japanese are:

    “Mind controlled”.

    If only folks like these took time off from the internet, shaving away their salaries while indulging in mutual-truth circle jerks at gaijin bars and made some friends, personal, professional, joined a club etc… well then, those yellow Japs might finally be humanised.

  16. @iLikeDolphins:

    This story is all over my Facebook feed. I think this is the guy who wrote about how the Japanese are incapable of independent thought about a week after he arrived in Japan or something, right? Depressing.

  17. But his Japanese friends admitted to him that they are all slaves to authority!

    Link to the even shittier sounding article please…

  18. @Taurus:

    Money quotes:

    Indoctrination starts at school

    “Many of us are so submissive to authority that we will never think to challenge the status quo,” says Sato.

    There are no bins at the beaches, nor on the streets. By and large, Japanese people take their rubbish home with them. Just one example of the positive benefits of this cohesion.

  19. @iLikedolphins:

    Maybe I have him confused with someone else – can’t seem to find the article I was thinking of. You’re not missing much anyway, it was just more of the same Japanese automatons blah, blah, nail, hammer, blah, we can save them, blah, etc.

  20. I suspect that the Wikipedia editor Mister Mtzplk is also a sockpuppet on the Arudou page. He’s a new Single Purpose Account adding nice things all over the place, is familiar with Wikipedia processes, and claims not to be a fan of Arudou as he is “too opinionated”. That’s not what people who dislike him dislike him for.

    Curiously, Sweetandloveable and Mister Mtzplk were created within two days of each other, they’ve patently edited Wikipedia before, and they are clearly tag-editing, and with the same purpose: tone down the “Japanese are robotic racist shits” element of Arudou’s pre-Duckter work.

  21. Just a few thoughts on the discourses of the crusader doctorate.

    1. It was entirely predictable that the crusader would tell everyone he could that he was working on a dissertation. Just as it was entirely predictable that he would ensure that everyone would know he completed it. He is a narcissist – this is to be expected. His entire public persona is one of narcissistic entitlement.

    2. For those of you who have an interest, but have not read the dissertation – I have. What I can tell you is that it is utter tosh. I would consider it acceptable for an MA, but not a PhD as it fails one of my key criteria – that it demonstrates the candidate can undertake independent and high quality research. It will not come as a surprise to you all that, IMHO, all it demonstrates is the authors single minded ability to demonstrate pathological levels of narcissism. It is basically highlights from his blog but with an additional slurry of verbose bullshit to satisfy the academe. A couple of the examiners should (and will be) taken to task on signing off on it. Having said that, I await with glee the authors claimed intention to publish it (or sections of it). Good luck with that. No academic that I know (and trust me, that is a considerable number) even knows of this guy – so it will be quite entertaining to see what transpires moving from the world of blogging and vanity publishing to the big leagues.

    3. The critique offered of his alma matter is entirely appropriate, given his public slagging (and bullying) of a number of people. This also applies to many other issues that people have been commenting on (stealth edits on wikipedia, his own blog, and so forth). Some have suggested he is starting to realise that if he wants to be taken at all seriously he needs to do something about his public persona, but I would suggest his narcissistic orientation will prevent this.

    4. Do not underestimate his power, however. Not power that has been accrued through good scholarship, penetrating and critical insights, or community activism – his power is that of any narcissistic bully. He is one of those people best avoided (for examples, look no further than his personal life, working life, and online bullying and trolling). The danger is that because he is not taken seriously, or held to account (as people roll their eyes or treat him as a figure of derision) his conduct is enabled.

    5. For me, it is not so much a case of being interested in the individual, but more a case of how this particular individual reflects some common features of immigrants to Japan who experience a great number of psychological, social and other difficulties. Lessons can be learned here.

  22. Ken on the phone

    @VK: Obvious sock puppet is obvious. I also noticed the occasional spelling of Arudo without the final u, perhaps deliberate to try to throw people off the trail?

  23. Ken on the phone

    @VK: And despite both being quite active, there are no overlapping edit sessions that I can see! And both do the Arudo thing.

  24. After Debito threw his lid-flipping great purple hairy regarding my parody a few years back, I took a screenshot of the page a few weeks after it was posted — meaning after he had added a few more juvenile salvos.

    Unfortunately, I left it on a now-trashed computer. But about a month ago I looked at the entry again and— wow, a lot seemed to have disappeared or been altered, including (I believe) some of the comments that had defended me. If anybody has a screenshot or archive of the page from that date (Nov/Dec 2010) I’d like to compare it to now for stealth edits, especially after it became increasingly evident that Debito had exaggerated and misrepresented a lot of stuff about me.

    @VK- The interesting thing about Debito’s ‘comparing academic credentials’ bullshit was that I never even tried to compare them in the first place. It was one of his fans who had written something to the effect of, “Mike Guest lives in an academic ivory tower” to which I responded, “Well, that would be true of Debito too then because we have the same academic credentials.” In other words, I was saying that Debito has an academic standing too, so the ivory tower bit goes both ways…Not surprisingly, he didn’t grasp that.

    He took that opportunity though to try and denigrate one of my alma maters, obviously without knowing its standing (considerable) in the field (theology) simply because he hadn’t heard of it. Based on his act of ignorance though, I would not want to do the same and underestimate Meiji Gakuin.

    @Taurus, ILD
    As you know, Japanese people, being generally agreeable, might be inclined to say something others want to hear or say that which is expected to be said. For example, my students will sometimes tell others that they studied “conversation” in my classes, or “grammar” in my Japanese colleague’s classes, when in fact we (religiously!) teach neither.

    So, likewise, on occasion you may hear a Japanese person state (somewhat paradoxically) ‘Yes, we don’t have our own opinions’ or ‘We always obey authority’, precisely because it has become a stock phrase to say to Gaijin, a kind of polite social appeasement equivalent to ‘That looks great on you, honey!’. To me, it has almost the same communal function as ‘Nihongo o jozu desu ne’.

    The people I find most amusing are the foreigners who regularly dole out these mindless, lazy clichés about the ‘mind-controlled Japanese’ based on the fact that they heard it from someone else or… they just know it to be true. All completely without irony.

  25. Unfortunately for those of us who defend our beloved Japanese masters at every turn there happen to be a lot of Japanese people who are just as fucking stupid as your average eikaiwa dickwad.
    Especially among that beautiful segment of the population who looooove to hang out with ex-pat journalists and speak English in bars.

    Anyway it’s all true. No-one goes to the fucking beach in autumn. It’s just not right.

  26. @Ken on the phone:

    Now, now, let’s not rush to judgement, Dr. ARUDOU Debito had* a Wikipedia account, and he has personally pledged** to not edit it himself as this would be a COI.

    Thanks for the advice, but I won’t be editing my own article, as I have said repeatedly. Precisely because of potential COI. Others should do it. Arudoudebito (talk) 07:28, 22 August 2008 (UTC)

    * He has changed his username apparently.
    ** There is no smiley with two fingers crossed behind one’s back so this will have to do:


  27. I think someone has blown his top and his cover. I love the way the “newbie” has had curiously no problems at all formatting or referring to a range of wikipedia policies.

    Sorry. I can’t take this as “read”–I don’t know what that means! Your intimidating and sarcastic tone to me, saying I’m not trying to make the article better, and accusing me of being someone else, and others (like Qwyxrian) on this Talk page violates not bashing newbies WP:DBN and wiki etiquette WP:ETIQ. Why do you assume no good faith in me?
    I caught you in three edits, one edit by itself had three misquotes, misquoting the source to make the BLP subject look bad. You don’t like the words spirit of the source? I don’t know what language to use here, but you understand what I mean, so don’t bash the newbie. How about WP:PARAPHRASE and WP:NIF.
    You repeat the argument about “adding 10 words” and ask what’s my objection. My objection is what those 10 words say! I showed your 10 words didn’t say what the source did. That’s “clear evidence” under WP:GOODFAITH you are not editing in good faith. Its not about being brief, its about being accurate to what the source says. You are not. You also edited a section title to make a point, violates WP:DWIP. Those are my objections.Sweetandloveable (talk) 06:37, 2 October 2014 (UTC)

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  28. @VK:

    I’m sure it’s just a coincidence one of the very first edits done in the first 24 hours of “Mister_Mtzplk”s existence was to add the Ph.D. And add the title “Dr.” to the name.

    I’m surprised he didn’t choose the nick “Doctor_Mtzplk”.

  29. @havill:

    I think that’s part of the cunning deception.

    Sockpuppeting isn’t allowed on Wikipedia. It might be an idea, especially now that he’s getting uncivil, for someone to request a check on these two users.

  30. @VK:

    I’m going to open a Sockpuppet investigation request within wikipedia.

  31. @havill:

    By the way, VK… weren’t you accused of being a sock puppet for somebody else once? I forget which site published that. :twisted:

  32. It’s like that sitcom my stepfather watched… but in reverse! “Everyone hates Debito.”


    Git dat infidel!

  33. Don’t you boys think this is all getting a bit out of hand? :cool:

  34. I think it’s all very much in hand. especially Havill.

  35. @Ken Y-N

    Just out of curiosity, but are you able to check the IP addresses of posters? I often wonder if there’s any IP addresses from Hawaii.


  36. I awoke this morning to the nascent sounds of Guest-bashing and walked on down the hall.

  37. @Varus
    Those are strong allegations. They are also demonstrably false. You have not seen my resume or documentation, which has been submitted to, and approved by, Monkasho a number of times. At best, you have seen an abbreviated summary of my background, one that was university-approved, on an obsolete link, and yet which duly cited one of my degrees as being obtained from Regent College.

    Since you have chosen to make a point-blank false statement in a public location about a specific individual, I now ask Webmaster Ken to archive, then delete, your post (plus, subsequently, this one) and then ban Varus from this site for making false and malicious allegations.

    I also reserve the right to ask Ken for your IP address since I am able and willing, through legal teams associated with national universities and Monkasho,to deal with this issue on a legal level.
    Got that?

  38. It’s been pretty clear for a while that Varus is Debito Arudou.

  39. It should be remembered that Varus is a bed-wetting alcoholic. (The rage, oh, the rage!). Christ only knows how slurred his typing would be without autocorrect.

  40. Wait, what? A pissing, hissy fit over something that happened in 2010 in which MG (perhaps overdoing it a little) bitched out/roasted Debito in a hokey newsletter and then Debito then proceeded to get “revenge” by questioning guest’s resume?

    Man, this site sure is going down the gurgler. Walk on by passerby, not only is this fire incapable of roasting a marshmallow in mid-summer, it’s not worth pissing on.

  41. @Varus
    Look at the katagaki (and, by the way, it is not a resume). It says Regent College. You said I lied on my resume. It was a false accusation. You said it would normally be grounds for immediate dismissal. This is wrong and ignorant. Making such a statement publicly without qualification can have consequences for you though.

    Debito got my job position and contract completely wrong. He got the relationship between Regent and UBC completely wrong and he misrepresented that relationship thereafter. His testimony is unreliable. His articles and blog entries today continue to get facts wrong, conveniently ignore others, or willfully misinterpret.

    And to enlighten you, pretty much anyone can enter UBC. That has little boasting power, but then again, that’s Debito’s realm, not mine.

    This ‘activist’ defending your human rights pulled this stunt off simply because I dared to criticize his ouevre (which, for the record, I view as a racist hate blog populated by dysfunctional Stormfront types). That’s your “cutting through the fog.”

    I’m requesting again that Ken delete these posts since Varus is making false accusations publicly which, I believe, violates the blog’s policy. And no one else here wants to read all the bullshit again.

  42. @Mike Guest: Hi Mike, I’ve tidied up a little – is that acceptable.

    Oh, and to others, Varus is not Dr A.

  43. Thanks Ken.

    Glad you recognized that a line was crossed.

  44. Amazingly, the Wikipedia account called Arudoudebito has become non-dormant today (after six years of silence), and has something to say about my the edit I made and was objected to by two nicks that I accused of being sockpuppets.

    Coincidentally, the two people I opened an investigation on about being sockpuppets who were the ones I was debating the edit with have gone silent just after Arudoudebito has become active.


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