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Remember the special visa for 2,000 highly-qualified professionals? The GOJ managed to rope in, err, 17 fresh bodies. There was another 434 who upgraded from existing visas, 246 Chinese, 32 USA, 19 Indians, 16 South Koreans and so on.

Remember all the Philippine and Indonesian nursing staff struggling to pass exams? I was surprised to learn that Chinese exam passers far surpass them, and Vietnam equals them. In detail, 30 out of 311 South-East Asians passed, whereas over 600 Chinese students are here, and 183 passed this year. As mentioned about, 30 Vietnamese also passed, as did 4 South Koreans, for a total of 217 new foreign nurses.

Oh, and someone goes オヤジ狩り again. :facepalm:

  1. In detail, 30 out of 311 South-East Asians passed, whereas over 600 Chinese students are here, and 183 passed this year.

    I don’t think that is what the article says.

    My reading it that since 2008, there have been over 600 Indonesians and Filipinos but no mention of the number of Chinese students.

    Same way with the 311. That is the number of Indonesians and Filipinos that took the exam last year.

    According to an Asahi Shimbun poll, at the very least, 217 foreigners NOT from Indonesia or the Philippines have passed the exam but no mention of the total number studying for it.

  2. This isn’t an accurate account of the situation.

    As a foreigner, you can only work as a nurse or caregiver in Japan if you have the state qualification, or if you are under supervision while studying for it.

    Outside of the EPA scheme, the only foreigners who fit that bill are those who have residency qualifications through some other means.

    They may be special permanent residents, spouses, or other qualified family members.

    The EPA scheme wasn’t set up to expand the pool of potential nurses and caregivers beyond the small number of foreign wives etc. willing to take the exams. It was a quid pro quo trade agreement with two countries which happened to have nurses as a major export category. Other countries, like Vietnam, were then subsequently considered for addition.

    It’s common knowledge that, an average, Chinese do better in written exams requiring kanji than people from countries which do not use them.

    The question for the government is whether to extend the EPA to China in some fashion. China, however, is not an exporter of nurses & caregivers.

    Candidates from the Philippines and Indonesia are generally already qualified at home but need to clear the language barrier in Japan to operate freely.

    It’s the opposite for the Chinese who pass. They have residency and language skills already, but need to learn nursing or caregiving.

  3. The Chrysanthemum Sniffer

    I love Fight Back. I mean, isn’t everyone depressed that Diet Members don’t make a pilgrimage to Hawaii to see what Debito thinks?


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