Random news spew: chikan, chimps, history and maybe even Mr Arudou

I read a story about how in the capital about 15% of women had experienced unwanted sexual behaviour on the city-run bus and train networks, yet 90% of those affected chose not to report these incidents to the authorities. This just goes to show that all salarymen are perverts, women don’t trust the police, and they are spineless and meek in the face of… Ah, hold on a second, it’s actually about London. Let me rewrite that by avoiding lazy stereotyping of men and by not blaming women for their inaction here in wacky Japan. :facepalm:

Korean advertising land goes one up on Gatsby by dressing up chimpanzees to promote Africa-style ciggies.

Nippon.com points out that Japanese school history textbooks are less jingoistic about World War 2 than these of China, South Korea and USA.

Mr Arudou, FIX YOUR VIAGRA-PIMPING WEB SITE. I do recognise that you are busy bashing granddads and writing papers, but please find the time to clean up that mess, thank you.

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  1. Time to see what a Ph.D writing about ‘JaPan’ can really do. Here’s a home-run Debito can only hope to aspire to.


  2. The Chrysanthemum Sniffer

    Wow. Talk about random spew. The only point she really makes is that saying you’re cool is uncool, which I have, believe it or not, seen in the sociology literature on this. But both are wrong. The whole Cool Japan thing is the government’s attempt to coattail on an industry that does have spontaneous mass appeal overseas, and therefore is “cool.” Dr. Whatshername needs to go back to culling facts from the Guardian.

  3. Metropolis. ‘Nuff said. Worthless unless you’re in the market for a 6 year old fridge or a hooker.

  4. @iago: Metropolus: Missed Connections. To the beautiful woman on the Yamanote who got of at Shibuya.

    You were, quite simply, one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. We were in a train car on the Yamanote and I was sitting right across from you. We ended up departing the train at Shibuya. You had brown dyed hair, wearing a coat and scarf and black leggings. You were 162.5cm and your eyes were stunning even from a distance. I was the foreigner with brown hair. I’m tall (177) and very well educated. (English teacher) I should have said something to you or at least asked for your name as we left the station or something to that affect. I couldn’t stop stealing glances at you. Now I am remiss and can only hope that I will see you again. If this is you… (:wink:sleazebag emoticon. Fingers crossed, I hope this work’s) I imagine you will be able to tell me what I was doing on the whole train ride.(Trying to pick up anything with a pulse) Then, hopefully, I’ll be able to take you out for dinner or drink or coffee one day.

  5. Rocket New, via Japan Today, gets into the apologism business…

    External Link: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2013/11/09/is-japan-really-racist-a-look-at-where-things-stand/

  6. In other random news, I wonder whether Japan’s election laws would allow for such divisive language. And Mr Arudou’s poster boy came in 48th out of 54, a sure sign that we can hear the jackboots approaching as he stunningly surges from 10th of 10 this summer and 16th of 16 last year. :facepalm:

  7. I’m also really disappointed that Fight Back didn’t post (or got moderated) to the JBC column – there was a mere six comments, and not a single troll or flame. :sad: And now JT is down. :???:

  8. @Whatever: It’s not just that he’s ‘running out’ of foreigner rights’ topics to discuss. Debito wants desperately to be an Academic (TM). A high-regarded, widely known expert on All Things Japan, that his special Japanese passport helps him understand far better, on a much deeper level, then us mere foreign passport holders could ever hope for.


    He wasn’t ‘an English teacher’ that just happened to work at a university. He was almost kind of like an Academic! It was so cute, like seeing your five-year old dress up for Halloween, pretending to be Batman.

  9. The response to JBC seems downright… tepid.

  10. The Chrysanthemum Sniffer

    “A high-regarded, widely known expert on All Things Japan”

    Real academics who do stuff related to Japan hate this kind of thing.

  11. @sublight:

    The lack of comments is probably a triple-punch combination of the paywall, more aggressive moderation, and plain old burnout.

  12. @Ketsuro Ou: I didn’t read it. I had my fill.

  13. “I have also been insulted, libeled and harassed by Panasonic security engineer Ken Yasumoto-Nicolson, former Google manager Eido Inoue, videomakers “Hikosaemon” and Victor Boggio, writers Dan Ryan and Patrick Sherriff (OurManInAbiko), journalist Hiroko Tabuchi, blogger James Annan, and mysterious Japan Probe editor “James Japan”, among others. Many attack me using pseudonyms such as “VK”, “Vkay”, “Level3″, “ILikeDolphins”, “Valesius”, “jjrs”, “BWHockaday”, “Greji”, “Chokonen888″, “Yokohammer” and “Samurai Jerk”. Someone using the moniker @ThatIsBSDarling wrote dozens of sickening tweets about me in 2012 before Twitter suspended the account. Someone using the monikers @StopKInvasion and “Samscum” even threatened to kill me, saying “you paranoid schizophrenic Japanese hating freak. You deserve a bullet to the head.” “

  14. “If someone calls you a duck and you know you’re not a duck, you can ignore them. If a second person calls you a duck, you can probably ignore them, too. About the third time someone calls you a duck, you might want to start checking for feathers.”

    (CJ is a goose)

  15. BTW, has Japan Times basically stopped accepting comments? I can’t say I’ve seen more than half a dozen new ones this week. Or is it just that the paywall has scared everyone away?

  16. Yet more random spew, both from the Japan Times:

    The Hokuriku shinkansen and nuclear blackmail. Not even a “some people” here, just an opinion piece passed off as news again. :facepalm:

    A curious graphic:


  17. @Ken Y-N: Japan Times has a pay wall?

  18. KT88 (teh illichrut)

    Pay walls are becoming increasingly common again these days after their decline in the hey day of the internet.

    X number of free article views per month, after that it’s paid subscription only. Or cookie removal time. Or so people say.

  19. @KT88 (teh illichrut):
    I knew it was supposed to be coming, but I’ve been browsing normally and haven’t been asked to pay anything. Has anyone here had to subscribe?


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