So that’s a vote for Hokkaido’s Tomari nuclear power plant restart then

I see in today’s Hokkaido Prefectural election, the anti-nuclear candidate Noriyuki Sato lost. A couple of weeks ago I saw him on the television where he said:


So, since he lost, he will accept the voice of the people. Bonus points to anyone who finds him contradicting that stance in post-election interviews.


  1. Well, it looks like it’s all just been jolly unfair because his opponent won in a thoroughly beastly and bullying fashion by, er, being more popular and getting more people off their arses and out to vote for him than Sato did. If only the sheeple could grasp the TRUTH…

    「この投票率の低さでは勝てない。相手は大政党がバックの軍艦で、こちらはみんなで 漕(こ)いで進む手こぎボート。脱原発の訴えは届かなかった」と悔しさをにじませた。”

    Alternative quote:


    Plus from the same source, “yeah, well that whole referendum on nuclear power thing…this one doesn’t count because I failed to get enough people to vote for me.”


    And, “Won’t somebody think of the children?”


    I think he should start a boating lake for them.

  2. People likely had thoughts of the recent rise in the electricity bills on their minds- plus 15% for the average household, plus 20% for businesses. More coal burning plants too.

  3. @VK: Heh, I didn’t think it would be quite so easy to find him backpedaling. :facepalm:


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