Sock puppets and Google jiggery pokery

Three points I am as sure as I can be of:

  1. Eido has never employed sock puppets on Japologism, and is most certainly not James of Japan Probe, VK, Level3, nor the man on the grassy knoll.
  2. However, Japan’s greatest journalist, Christopher Johnson has employed many, from the recent A Concerned Citizen, via RollingWagon to imcanjapn.
  3. Accusing Eido of fiddling Google search rankings is as rational as accusing your bank manager of popping down to the Royal Mint/Department of the Treasury/whatever in the evening to run off a few fivers.

Now, some free advice to CJ; if you actually stopped making wild accusations that draw negative stories your Google (and Bing) rank might improve. Furthermore, cutting and pasting the same text over half a dozen blogs, author profiles on Amazon, etc, sets off the alarm bells at Google for spamming, and also trips the duplicate content penalty.

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  1. @Ken Y-N:

    That’s assuming that these editors are real people.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what he thinks are the libels against him. However, I suspect half the article/book/overlong-career-suicide-note is going to be about entirely different people. It’s a confidence trick he’s tried to pull before (Amnesty this, Aung San Suu Ki that) with his attempt to cover up the fact that Narita immigration turned him away, a “few beers” (his own words) worse for wear, quite legitimately for lack of papers.

  2. @VK: I would bet the “editors” are the people whose names appeared in the retracted article.

    And yes, he drops all these names to draw attention to himself, IMO. :roll:

  3. I got an automated alert regarding the use of my real name (along with the admin of this blog) on the net. Apparently, yet another WordPress blog has finally thrown his hat fully into the CJ ring and has stopped using CYA indirection and inference (like what I’m doing now in this post to mock him) in his writings.

    Perhaps he too was a little upset that the entire post and the person, along with his little pet theory where he believed that if your name doesn’t appear on the Congressional Quarterly it means you didn’t give up your citizenship, were completely 100% disavowed and divorced by the sponsoring site’s moderator. He lost further face because he threw in his support in the form of comments and a linking post, making him look a little foolish.

  4. @havill:

    The World’s Greatest Lawyer? Hooray!

  5. @havill :facepalm: :headdesk:

    I think whoever it is we aren’t really talking about desperately needs to
    get some help as well. However did the comparison to “Shutter’s Island” was basically spot on. The “learned” gentleman feels the need to double down every chance he gets. Hypocrisy and irony are completely foreign concepts to him.

  6. “The implicit irony in all of this is that they take advantage of the right to “freedom of speech” to try and deny the same rights to those they merely disagree with.”

    so says the pot to the kettle. :headdesk:

  7. @chuckers:

    I find the use of the word “defamatory” by someone with legal training a bit puzzling. For something to be defamatory, I thought that one of the basic requirements is that it’s not true. It would be great if we could be told what it is that is not true that’s been said here or on JapanProbe. Maybe one or two wilder commenters might have said something, but certainly not Eido or Ken. What sort of lawyer makes accusations of defamation without a single word about the precise nature of what is disputed?

    I assume a competent lawyer would have checked whether, in a defamation case, the contested allegations were actually true or not. Especially before publicly accusing a named person of defamation.

    Relying solely on the reliability of someone who, for example, publicly accused veteran journalist Jake Adelstein of lying about his career history based on a scan of Adelstein’s meishi that actually clearly showed Adelstein was telling the truth 100% – I mean, he wouldn’t be doing that, would he? Wouldn’t a competent lawyer be more circumspect than that?

  8. @VK: What does “competent” mean? Has the definition changed in the last few years?

    Is it possible to sue someone accusing you of defamation for defamation when you obviously AREN’T defaming someone? Isn’t that akin to libeling someone?

  9. @VK: Since when has the truth had any place in a court of law?

  10. @VK:

    I basically agree with everything you said here.

  11. @chuckers and @Jerry:

    Let me put it another way:

    If I wrote an open letter to all news organisations written in my own blood saying I was going to mow down a group of orphan schoolchildren holding kittens and then did it, in the full view of the world’s press, and then voluntarily signed a confession asking for five counts of genocide also to be taken into account along with detailed, accurate maps of all the mass graves of brutalised innocents, and then on the morning that the case goes to trial, the trial judge discovers that three of the “orphans” were actually his children kidnapped by my father years before in the midst of a brutal arson attack that also took the lives of his wife and entire extended family, destroying the ancestral home and all that remained of a long and noble lineage…

    …even if there were all that, there are still certain lawyers where if, on entering the courtroom, I saw that they were leading the prosecution , I’d think to myself “You know what, I might just get off here with a small fine.”

  12. Dfmoss is in it, but alas I am not…

    Oh well back to the grinder

  13. Why is the publication date of CJ’s manifesto November 24, 2012? Is that when he started writing it?

  14. Patrick V. Haugen

    What a letdown. After his last effort, the Concerned Citizen thing, I was hoping for more fireworks.

    This one is just boring, a complete fizzle.

  15. Total slog…doesn’t say anything new, uses too many pictures, and THE ERRORS!!!

  16. “Why is the publication date of CJ’s manifesto November 24, 2012?”

    He’s done that before, with the volleyball stuff, for instance, to get his targets’ names into the Google index without the embarrassment of having a sleazy hit piece on his site’s top page for his potential employers to see.

  17. God, I can’t even finish it…

  18. EnactPlanAlpha74

    a friendly reminder to not give him any advice to make edits

    not yet

  19. @EnactPlanAlpha74:

    I agree, although I would encourage him to correct one factual error. I have never suggested that journalistS (plural) need psychiatric treatment. Just him, and I do so in all seriousness, with reference to established checklists for personality disorders. I’m not a professional psychiatrist, but to me there are copious clear grounds for him to go and see someone. I’m not talking only about his behaviour since he got turned away from immigration, but what has come to light about his behaviour (both according to him and others) for several years before that. I wouldn’t throw around such suggestions lightly.

    Oh, and:

    “VK”, one of the most obdurate trolls on Japologism and Japan Probe, wrote no less than 5300 words in at least 18 comments

    Wow. For me, that’s quite terse.

    And who is this Fridrock Gandlich? :razz:

  20. VK: I’ve heard it’s a species of the common troll obesus neckbeardus that whines about paying more in rent than its neighbor, that can’t hold down a job in Japan, that has an obsession with passing itself off as a disinterested, reliable blogger and failing hard, and that is probably masturbating with glee at the thought of finally, once and for all, smoting that dastardly Tepido Twelve and banishing from the Interwebs for all time, leaving it clear for the readers who really are interested in some bullshit lawsuit against IBM and the inner workings of an irrelevant university in a state nobody cares about.

    But that’s just speculation.

  21. Whatever gave him the idea that Marxy is the same guy as the Google Asia PR guy?

  22. I didn’t know it took that many people to operate Japan Probe, disappointing results for a team of 20 plus. It must take 100 to run this site.

    Maybe this is where all of the Japan Probe traffic went. Check it out, it’s easy on the eyes, plenty of controversy and appears to have little moderation. (flame wars, maximizing traffic) I thought the silhouetted comment counter was lovely touch. Go to the bottom and you will see it’s sister sites, Chinasmack, Koreabang, Indoboom, Russiaslam and of course (genius) the personals. It’s a bloody empire. China smack appears to be the most popular.

    Damn brilliant. It must be a real cash cow for the guy or gal who put it all together. To maximize traffic I’d have a permanent window dedicated to Senkaku. I would let the 50 center’s vs the nationalists go ape shit. I’d do the same for Takeshima and I would flog the Sea Sheppards to death. Consultation fee please.

  23. Wow, that is creepy past the point of needing help. I do love the Glen Beck approach to character defamation.

    “Now, I want to be perfectly clear, I’m not saying Asia Japan reporter Christopher CJ Johnson raped and killed a girl in 1990. And I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to think that Asia Japan reporter Christopher CJ Johnson raped and killed a girl in 1990. But don’t you find it a little strange that Asia Japan reporter Christopher CJ Johnson has neither confirmed or denied raping and killing a girl in 1990? I mean if Asia Japan reporter Christopher CJ Johnson didn’t rape and kill a girl in 1990, and I’m sure that fine upstanding Asia Japan reporter Christopher CJ Johnson didn’t rape and kill a girl in 1990, he would have denied it by now right?”

    Fun isn’t it?

  24. @Peter – Google Asia’s Product Relations spokesman (or “communications manager”) is one “David Marx”, who is quoted whenever an article about Google appears in Asian press – Google calls Takeshima/Dokdo “Liancourt Rocks” and David Marx is the guy who explains for Google. Google Streetview debuts in Thailand, David Marx makes the announcement.

    W. David Marx has a Google+ account. And he lives in Japan. Which is in Asia. And aside from the “W.” (which Google’s man, in a clever ruse, doesn’t use when speaking for Google, nor ), the names are identical.

    Obviously one and the same person!


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