South Korean newspaper calls for Japan Jihad

In the Korean JoongAng Daily, and perhaps also in the Korean (and even Japanese?) version of the same paper, one of the top three broadsheets in Korea, I believe, was a perhaps ever-so slightly unbalanced editorial of utter :headdesk: hatred, entitled "Abe tempts God’s vengeance", with this conclusion:

Abe is free to do as he wishes. But God, too, is at liberty. The vindictive spirit of the Maruta has been resurrected thanks to Abe. God may feel that retaliation against Japan hasn’t been complete.

In further news in the same paper, the headline "Prosecutors raid the tax office to probe CJ" proved to be not worth the click.

In yet further news from AP, we have some failure to understand and/or an attempt to mislead issues regarding radiation doses:

His cumulative radiation exposure is at more than 300 millisieverts. Medical experts say a rise in cancer and other illnesses is statistically detected at exposure of more than 100 millisieverts, but health damage varies by individuals. He was exposed to 60 millisieverts of radiation the first year after the disaster and gets a health checkup every six months.

Nuclear workers generally are limited to 100 millisieverts exposure over five years, and 50 millisieverts a year, except for the first year after the disaster when the threshold was raised to an emergency 100 millisieverts.

This person has worked in the industry for 20 years, so at 100 mSv max per five years, 300 mSv seems not unusual, and I don’t believe 100 mSv spread over five years is really that much of a risk – I thought the 100 mSv was for short-term exposure. Furthermore, assuming that a barium meal stomach exam gives a dose of about 10 to 15 mSv, the average Japanese corporate drone sitting behind a desk for 20 years will also get about 300 mSv courtesy of the annual health check-ups (my employer gives them every year to all employees over 40, for instance).

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  1. iLikedolphins

    I understand that teaching “this is a pen” over and over all day would suck the life out of anyone, but it shouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for an English ‘teacher’ like VK to realize that bending over and taking it up the ass is a metaphor for his obsequious acquiescence to any Japanese man in a uniform who knocks on his door.

    However, thank-you for the indirect assist. It looks like a blue collar family man like myself wasn’t imaging his own city housing subsidy! And from Googles wanna-be sock puppet nym friend!

    Still doesn’t answer the question of why JETs who require no housing subsidies would be put into subsidized housing?

    I’ll let the nerds scramble to answer that one.

  2. @VK:

    Oh, VK, you spoiled my fun! I was trying to get the Dolphin to jump through a few more hoops and into the tuna net! He was in a damned if you couldn’t find the info, and a damned if he does situation (he’d disprove his own claims about JETs being able to get literally dirt-cheap housing)

    No matter — it was a mate-in-one situation. I think we’ve established that JETs are not poor, and thus are not overpaying for UR housing (which, contrary to the Dolphins claim, are not necessarily dumps. The prices vary wildly because the quality, amenities, and age make the price vary wildly).

    I was hoping to make Dolphin go full-CJ (notice how he began using the royal “we” in comments and began speculating about other people’s work habits), but alas, I’ll just have to settle with knowing that his claims about JETs overpaying for housing was based on him not knowing how the Urban Residence system works.

    It was fun playing with you, Dolphin!

    Re the matter of JETs being about to get a Osaka City UR 2DK for a ¥14,000 to ¥20,000 or a 3LDK for an average of ¥50K: 1
    iLikeDolphins: 0

    You do get an “A” for effort, though, Dolphy. Thanks for playing! Better luck next time!

  3. @iLikedolphins:

    Odd that you’d need help answering that question, since VK spoon fed you that answer right in front of your face. I guess in addition to still using dollars/cents despite the FX having fluctuated over 40 pts in two decades, your Japanese ability isn’t too hot, either, huh?

    I’ll give you a BIG hint: read condition 2 slowly. If you still can’t figure it out I guess you can ask your wife tonight.

    You sure you’ve been in Japan for twenty+ years? Or is your work place a no-Japanese-needed (like an English school) environment? :razz:

  4. Woah, innanet beat dayown!

    We all have one* – and perhaps I have channeled my own a bit to often in recent days – but I just have to channel one more time:

    Internet nerds beat up internet “troll” and celebrate amid the glorious cacophony of their own simultaneous circle jerking/backslapping.

    Tedious methods of net based communication lacking irony, humour, self reflexivity and perspective: + 1 billion!!! :lol: 1
    iLikeDolphins: 0

    *inna dolphin that is.

  5. @KT88:

    ILD is tedious. I was tedious back to him. It worked. Have you never been on the internet before? :grin:

    Now, what would be really nice is if certain people here could stop parading their insecurities by obsessing about themselves and others in some 1990s era gaijin best-in-show competition, scroll up to the top of the screen and see that there are things to talk about that aren’t all about themselves. This isn’t a helpsite for gaijin going through midlife identity crises.

  6. iLikeDolphins


    That’s the second time you’ve pulled that stunt Googles. Just when things are getting too close for comfort you shout “I win! Thank-you! Good Night!” and do a runner. What are you, like 10 years old?

    Bit of a one-sided conversation going on up there as well. Have you done any work at all today?

    By the way I love how you kind of half-got the CJ references but the royal “we” shoutback went right over your head! (Heck I even put it in air quotes the first time). Lack of irony and humor indeed.

    I don’t know how I would describe you but it’s definitely borderline hysterical. I guess that kind of screaming wild-eyed frothing at the mouth behaviour is what passes for professional at your workplace but you wouldn’t last a day on the factory floor. Being a gaijin in a gaijin company, you probably get away with a lot. Are you actually trying to Kanji-battle me? Aren’t you a middle-aged man already?

    VK was nearly right when he said my wife did the paperwork, but it was my wife’s sister. You see, the system we used is for single people on middle incomes, ironically enough, and my income was too low! So we did it in my sister-in-law’s name and lived there basically illegally. It sure was a swell place but the area schools were no good and we had to move.

    I think a lot of the problem with Googles and VK’s claims is that they are based on the fallacy that there is only one way of doing things. Googles originally only mentioned ‘public housing’ and just recently changed that to UR housing, even though that’s not the only system in Osaka. I don’t really know all the details because I don’t really want to live in one of those places.

    I live in a 2DK in the best neighbourhood in town Costs 100,000. a couple of blocks away, it drops to 60-80,000. I’m sure you can ‘Google’ it. So it begs the question, why would ‘rich’ Jets ever need to apply for public housing in the first place, especially if they earn too much to get any subsidies? Googles keeps throwing up smokescreens but this is the question he can’t or won’t answer.

    The only reason to live in public housing is because it’s cheap. It’s not rocket science. That’s the reason you apply. It’s not at all clear how a Jet new to the country would be able to be means tested on income in Japan but apparently they earn too much anyway which again begs the question Why?

    Anyway here’s the proof the ‘Japan Expert’ asked for. You know, when you claim to be the authority on everything, you’re going to get tripped up sooner or later.

    SIngle people on middle incomes. How’s that for a punch in the nuts VK?

  7. I noticed you conveniently omitted the fact that you got 0wned regarding your original claim before you self lowered the bar to one you could actually jump over and claimed success.

    Don’t worry, although an acknowledgement of defeat and perhaps an apology would be the proper sporting thing to do, I realize its not part of your blog persona so I won’t push the issue.

  8. Whoa! Ild what are you doing? Did you just admit to working an angle so you can live in Japan on the cheap? And after calling English teachers parasites?
    What the fuck? Why do you break my heart the way you do?

  9. iLikeDolphins

    oh look! a 3LDK in Nishi-Ku for 40,200円 a month! How nice! Of course you have be newly-weds and be getting the newly-wed subsidy from Osaka city or the rent is 2万円 a month higher but with all these wonderful benefits flying around, who wouldn’t want to marry a local lass and settle down eh!

    What’s that Googles? A “mate-in-one situation”? “It’s a trap”?

    Looks from some ex-eikaiwa loser shot his load prematurely lol!

    You really do tick all the boxes for all the stereotypes at once…


  10. iLikeDolphins

    My original claim was I was paying 80,000 yen a month for a 3LDK in Namba.

    -You disputed this. I provided proof. A win for me.

    My other claim was that rent for 団地 housing wouldn’t have been 100,000 yen for a 2DK or whatever in 1993.

    -You angrily disputed this. Others voiced skepticism. Andrew in Ezo provided proof. You responded that Jets were living in UR housing and paying full rents with no subsidies. For no good reason. Pfffffff! Another win for me.

    Everything else was smokescreens, mirrors, and your bullshit Googles. And you got sooooooooo excited when you though I was falling into the trap you and VK set up by USING YOUR WEB BROWSERS. How’d that work out for you, you fucking dweeb?

    DOLPHINS FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh dolphin dolphin. So desperate. If it helps you get to sleep at night thinking that, you go right ahead. I’m not cruel.

    It pleases me to know that I’m living rent free in that little noggin of yours. :lol:

  12. iLikedolphins

    You can fuck off now Havill. Take your bullshit down to the Hub for some FOBs where it belongs.

    Game over Googles. Game over.

  13. @iLikedolphins:

    Game Over indeed!
    Mission Accomplished. :razz:

  14. And so, everybody wins. Just like in Kindergarten.

    That was exciting, guys. I’m off to The Hub for a shandy or two to calm down.

  15. When I was growing up, there were films on Saturday mornings(?) from an earlier, gentler age. Occasionally they were about nerdy kids and their travails at school. These ones would typically end with the school rotter (often fat, piggy faced, and with an overbearing mother) meeting his comeuppance through an elaborate set-up involving buckets of water, garden rakes and fresh cream pies. There he would be, wiping cream off his face (often with a furtive lick to show he wasn’t all bad and grumpy), shaking his fist in impotence as all the specky, freckly, buck-toothed nerds were in gales of laughter. George Cole or Bernard Cribbins usually turned up somewhere.

    Oh, for such innocent days.

  16. iLikedolphins

    You’re moving into creepy stalker territory now Mr Havill.

  17. Hay guys what’s going on in this site?

  18. @Simon:

    We have a serious case of MyJapan syndrome. And some rag-losing. It’s really not worth it unless you’re interested in housing subsidies.

  19. iLikedolphins

    Not much from now on. I’m spent. Is a middle-aged IT manager saying “well you might have been right about everything but actually I win because now I’m inside your head” a thing on the Internet? Cos otherwise it just sounds like something a grade schooler might say when they know they’ve lost an argument.

  20. Hey, can we got CJ or JT back?

    They were at least insane in the amusing way.

    now both of you two boys kiss and make up.

  21. @iLikedolphins:

    If you’re feeling helpful, can you explain how that link showed single childless people (fair enough, I didn’t specify that, although it seemed obvious in the case of JETS) get subsidies? I clicked on the link that explained who got these special rents, and it said people with kids or married people, or people registered as “unmarried husband/wife” (de facto married?) on their juminhyou.

    It may be my Japanese failing me here. I am, nerdily, a little bit curious about what kinds of help people get for housing.

  22. @Ild
    A French friend of mine lived in a umm.. inexpensive neighborhood but wanted to send his kids to a better school, so he asked his landlord to use his address and the landlord obliged doctoring the necessary paperwork so the kids could go to a better school.

    I also knew an Austrian who his Japanese friends father owned an engineering firm and had his friends father sponsored him as an engineer. He wasn’t an engineer.

    You’re not the only one working an angle or two in Japan.

  23. @iLikedolphins:

    So you say. Yet you just can’t help yourself can you. You. keep. Coming. Back. For. More.

    Your inability to stop replying to us and obsessively checking the web site just shows how much this site owns you.

    You’re obsessively afraid you won’t get the last word. You can’t enjoy your day because you keep checking for new comments.

    Don’t worry, dolphin. We understand. “You win.” Wink wink. “Game over.” Wink wink. “You da man!” Wink wink. :wink: You can leave the computer now. We promise we won’t mock you behind your back. Wink wink. :lol:

    Sleep well!

    (Cue dolphin reply in Three… Two… One…) :cool:

  24. Stalking a pseudonym! A false persona! Someone that doesn’t exist! The virtual figment of your imagination representing me stalking the figment of your imagination that you created for this blog!

    Thanks for the ROFL, Dolphin! I’m going to use that tonight in a joke at a cocktail party! You made my day! Gave me material!

    Please, for gods sake, stay a nym. I don’t want to know where you live. Don’t wanna know what your name is. Or What your real job is. Because you’ll never be as interesting in real life. I want to laugh at your alternate phoney identity. “The comic insult dolphin”. Because I’m sure you’re a lot less interesting in real life. Which makes me sad, actually.

  25. iLikedolphins


    I think ‘working an angle or two’ is pretty common for regular Japanese people as well, especially in Osaka. When we were ‘illegally’ living in the Namba house, we owned a cafe/bar and used that address to put the little one into a good school. But it all just got too dodgy in the end and we wanted more stability plus the sister-in-law was planning to get married, and we decided to close the cafe, yada, yada, yada, you get the idea.


    As you may have guessed my sister-in–law was single and childless at the time. It was a while ago and the rules may have changed, Osaka was not in the best shape financially at the time. Those rents are not forever either, I think they increase by 2% or more year by year. What was more expensive in 1993 was key money, that’s changed a lot over the years. I’ve probably moved around in Japan a bit too much. It’s an expensive proposition so work the subsidies people, yeah?

    Now fuck off and leave me alone. I’m working on my abs and drinking beer.

  26. @VK:

    VK! I thought we agreed on that! No helping him or tipping him off to what he missed! I was going to save that for the next time he showed up on the next post! Pace yourself! :headdesk: :cool:

  27. So erm.. the Koreans are pretty pissed off (must be a monday) and the radiation doeses might not be as bad as some people say…

  28. iLikeDolphins



  29. Kimchi fucks with your head. Everybody knows that.

  30. @Dolphin the comic insult cetacean:


  31. @ILD the comic insult dolphin:

    I thought you said “you were spent”? That was fast! :lol:

    But since you can’t seem to mentally escape (the proof is you’re voluntarily reading this), can you please go back to doing what you do best? The comic insult thing?

    Do Debito! Do Ken! Do CJ! Do VK! Do ME!

    Dance for us you dumb dolphin, dance! I got a bucket of chum and am blowing the whistle! You were liberated from Taiji and we expect you to PERFORM for us!

    You may as well. You know you want to. You’re in front of the screen reading this, unable to tear yourself away, so you may as well make yourself useful.

  32. @havill:

    I take the hint.


    It’ll be interesting how long the Korean political class can keep this kind of act up.


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