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Random news spew: chikan, chimps, history and maybe even Mr Arudou

I read a story about how in the capital about 15% of women had experienced unwanted sexual behaviour on the city-run bus and train networks, yet 90% of those affected chose not to report these incidents to the authorities. This just goes to show that all salarymen are perverts, women don’t trust the police, and they are spineless and meek in the face of… Ah, hold on a second, it’s actually about London. Let me rewrite that by avoiding lazy stereotyping of men and by not blaming women for their inaction here in wacky Japan. :facepalm:

Korean advertising land goes one up on Gatsby by dressing up chimpanzees to promote Africa-style ciggies.

Nippon.com points out that Japanese school history textbooks are less jingoistic about World War 2 than these of China, South Korea and USA.

Mr Arudou, FIX YOUR VIAGRA-PIMPING WEB SITE. I do recognise that you are busy bashing granddads and writing papers, but please find the time to clean up that mess, thank you.

An article on Debito.org I 100% agree with

He says in this article:

For the record, this section:

Nicolson has found the time and energy to lead a group of cyber-bullies who hounded US-born rights activist, author and Japan Times columnist Debito Arudou out of Japan.

is not true. I am in Hawaii for research purposes, working on my PhD. Activities in cyberspace are unconnected to my overseas hiatus.

Thank you very much Mr Arudou, and I do mean that most sincerely!

This article makes my brain hurt

Mr Arudou had an article published on Japan Focus entitled "Japan’s Rightward Swing and the Tottori Prefecture Human Rights Ordinance", the basic thrust of which will be familiar to regular readers of this or his blog, so I won’t dwell too much on the arguments.

However, the article is very, very hard to read, not just due to my unfamiliarity with sociological writing style, but some of the grammar is quite, quite wonky, and the interchanging of "ordinance", "bill" and "law" with gay abandon just confirms my views on the peer review process that goes on in the journal; I’m sure VK will have much, much more to say on this topic. "Unproblematized" fair got on my tits too.

As of this writing, the text of the ordinance, Japan’s first legislation explicitly penalizing racial discrimination, has been removed from the main Tottori Prefectural website and buried within a new link.

Rubbish. They moved the web site to a new domain and a new CMS, so all the old links stopped working.

“foreigners” in Japan had become a political football within a whirlwind of time, money, organization, and energy devoted to nationalistic, xenophobic, and exclusionary causes

I haven’t an emoticon to illustrate my reaction to the above!

Given this political climate, any public support for universal “human rights issues” in Japan will remain political poison for any legislator as long as there is any alleged benefit to “foreigners.”

So why is the government going to sign the Hague Convention?