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Japologism savaged by a dead sheep

TL;DR summary:

  • Mr Johnson, I think I’ve put you in check. You have in my opinion recklessly disregarded a lot of things that have happened in the pursuit of your vendetta. I’ll just refute you here, but as for Eido, I don’t think he got to where he is today without knowing the right time to be a hard-nosed bastard. I reckon you’ll soon be informed of a couple of facts that, well, I don’t want to spoil the surprise. :evil:

Japan’s greatest investigative journalist publishes yet another screed of ill-sourced nonsense, including this not-really-an-accusation-honest:

Nicolson, meanwhile, claimed on Japologism on Feb. 19 at 9:25 am (regular Panasonic business hours)

Oh noes, that’s the same day as I skived off in the afternoon to go to the pictures:

Les Miserables

Furthermore, Mr Johnson reports:

Debito, who has withstood a barrage of Japan Probe attacks, noted on his website in December how anonymous amateur bloggers are increasingly taking the place of traditional journalists trained in ethics, balance, and the “role of media as a watchdog and an influencer of public opinion.” He wrote that many bloggers are indulging “in an unethical means to amplify their voice by masquerading as others by writing under multiple monikers or within multiple venues — sometimes having conversations with themselves (“sock-puppeting”) as a means to create the veneer of majority-view legitimacy. This has led to bullying of minority voices by a very small but dedicated cadre of people, who use their anonymity to make sure that their activities will very rarely be uncovered because of the lack of direct evidence.”

He then follows it with an archive of a URL featuring a story that was written by someone writing under what I believe to be one of multiple monikers, and a story that furthermore Mr Arudou wholeheartedly apologised to Eido for.

Nicolson, perhaps anticipating an investigative article about himself and Havill, has deleted a series of comments on Japologism, which might show evidence of Havill’s behavior.

No, that is a flat-out lie. I have only deleted off-topic chit-chat from iLD and friends and repeated posts by someone engaged in "unethical means to amplify their voice by masquerading as others by writing under multiple monikers". (And, if you want to be pedantic, the very occasional double-post or "Please fix my typo above"-type comments. And not forgetting swearword-filled abuse.)

Havill spent a lot of time on Japologism that afternoon writing lengthy diatribes and joining sock-puppets urging Havill and Google superiors to contact police and lawyers to take actions against Havill’s perceived enemies.

Oops, you shouldn’t have said that!

Anyway, you say at the head of the article:

Nicolson […] wrote thousands of comments and articles harassing foreigners in Japan and staining their names online

You have failed completely to demonstrate that. Withdraw that accusation.

Sock puppets and Google jiggery pokery

Three points I am as sure as I can be of:

  1. Eido has never employed sock puppets on Japologism, and is most certainly not James of Japan Probe, VK, Level3, nor the man on the grassy knoll.
  2. However, Japan’s greatest journalist, Christopher Johnson has employed many, from the recent A Concerned Citizen, via RollingWagon to imcanjapn.
  3. Accusing Eido of fiddling Google search rankings is as rational as accusing your bank manager of popping down to the Royal Mint/Department of the Treasury/whatever in the evening to run off a few fivers.

Now, some free advice to CJ; if you actually stopped making wild accusations that draw negative stories your Google (and Bing) rank might improve. Furthermore, cutting and pasting the same text over half a dozen blogs, author profiles on Amazon, etc, sets off the alarm bells at Google for spamming, and also trips the duplicate content penalty.

Japan’s greatest journalist has written another article

And we even get an indirect (very indirect) mention! It’s an inaccurate and poorly thrown-together article, I feel, with an over-reliance on cut’n’paste’n’massage.

Japan held innocent foreigner 15 years

The headline is usually written by the sub-editor, but Govinda Prasad Mainali is still guilty from a legal point of view.

Tokyo High Court ruled that new DNA evidence cleared him of involvement in a 1997 murder for which he had been imprisoned.

No it didn’t.

Human rights activists said Japanese authorities moved quickly to deport Mr. Mainali to deter him from seeking compensation for his wrongful conviction and imprisonment. They are demanding that Japan compensate him, overhaul the country’s justice system, and punish prosecutors and judges.

Surely "Random commenters on foreigner-oriented blogs"?

The conviction rate for suspects tops 99 percent with foreigners at particular risk, critics say.

Well, these critics are wrong – it’s 99% for those sent to trial – and even if they are right, 99.9%, for instance, is not particularly more risky than 99.0%.

Let’s skip the Mr Arudou bit, and consider the sentence quoting Gopal Krishna Siwakoti, which seems closely related to this Japan Today sentence:

Describing the case as the “trial of the century in terms of migrant workers”, Siwakoti said Mainali’s case showed that a “xenophobic attitude was entrenched in Japanese judicial system”.

And the next sentence reflects the headline and this portion of another Japan Today story:

"Saving face," declares the daily, "is more important to the prosecution than human rights."


Even so-called "Japan apologists" have spoken out against "induced confessions," harsh imprisonment and costly deportation of more than 100,000 foreigners over the past decade.

Who are these so-called apologists? I cannot find on Google any relevant mention of the literal phrase "induced confessions", and I’ve never heard anyone on either side complain about the cost of deporting people, although I suspect that if I waded through Mr Johnson’s blog I might find him going on about that. And doesn’t that sentence imply that 100,000 foreigners have confessed and been harshly imprisoned?

There’s also something that doesn’t feel quite right about the Charles McJilton section, but I think this will do for now.