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It’s that time of the month again

More musing on the psychological state of Japan. I wonder how long it will take for the comments to go down the drain? Anyway, as usual one can play the game of replacing “Japan” with “I”, especially with his closing statement:

Like the abused who becomes the abuser, Japanese society is simply too psychologically damaged by RD [racial discrimination] to stop its RD.

It works for me here too. Furthermore, it we accept what he writes as true, how does he suggest it gets fixed? Does he think it is fixable? I’ve posted to that effect in this JT comments.

 UPDATE: First time through the story I missed the earlier part of the paragraph:

Until Japan gets over itself and accepts that racialization processes are intrinsic to every society, it will never resolve its constant and unwarranted exceptionalism.

However, I’m not quite sure how exactly Japan is supposed to “get over itself”; the AA 12 Step process (see the JT comments thread – I’ve stop responding so as not to bore everyone to death) initially required an outside actor, God or religion, and further requires an experienced reformed alcoholic to help out, and the only “cure” is zero tolerance. I think many of these factors are difficult to apply to a society or a country.

Woo-hoo, the apologists are doing rather well!

As pointed out by the too-difficult-to-spell-flower sniffer, Mr Arudou featured in a recent Asahi article. A few things caught my eye:

The owner, who received a phone call saying the sign was inappropriate, showed a new sign that will be displayed at the entrance. It says, “Japanese Language Only.”

Or indeed “In Appropriate”, and the casual reader might come to think that it was the person who did the phoning that was responsible for the changed sign, but Gimmieaflakeman knows better.

Arudou said he found more than 50 examples from around Japan of signs saying “Japanese Only” or “Foreigners are not allowed.”


 Half of the owners refused his request to take down their signs.

So, there are more than 25 “active” signs (that he is aware of), or on average less than one per prefecture, and this is what he is basing his dissertation on. On the other hand, 40 neo-Nazi scumbags from just the Kanto area (I presume) congregated in Ikebukuro to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Hitler’s birth and he laughed them off, basically. When’s the last time a “Japanese Only” sign threatened to kick your head in? Seems like mixed up priorities to me.

A bar in Kobe displayed a sign that said “Japanese People Only,” but removed it after receiving advice from a stranger.

“A very kind individual told me that the sign was not appropriate,” said the 51-year-old owner.

Chalk that one up to the apologists too, this time Sora.

I saved the most problematic point for last:

Arudou, who wrote his doctoral dissertation about discrimination in Japan at the University of Hawaii

As far as I am aware, he wrote it while attending the East-West Center which is indeed located at the University of Hawaii, but the casual reader would assume that he was actually enrolled at the University of Hawaii. I’m sure it is just the journalist being a bit confused, as Mr Arudou has previously taken Mike Guest to task for “misrepresent[ing] his own academic credentials”, so I eagerly await Mr Arudou publishing a correction on his own web site at the very least.

Oops, it seems I was wrong on the above point. Sorry about that, folks.