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Jumbo jet, micro aggression. And some other stuff

Sorry for the lack of appearance over the last week, but I was busy being micro-aggressed to Europe and back. It’s quite amazing that if you look for it even on international aeroplane travel (where they have many decades of handling people from all corners of the world) you can quite happily find many, many things to ascribe to "microaggression". For instance, even the simple act of greeting you at the final boarding gate, they base their おはよう/Good Morning/whatever it is in Dutch based on your passport, not their or the country’s language, and even the Dutch get microaggressed entering their home airline as the cabin crew seem to use only English or Japanese depending on face colour.

It seems Debito.org needs Tepido.org/Japologism.com as The Other to keep them from eating each other, as this totally overblown thread seems to suggest. I’m waiting for Hoofin’ to weigh in…

I’m wondering if our favourite journalist returned to Japan only on a temporary visa to just give him time to collect his stuff before bidding farewell for five years? You may remember when I mentioned Oishiislurper on Tepido.org; he appears to have received a temporary landing permit to tidy up his affairs, so I wonder if Christopher Johnson got the same?