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One in four want all gaijin to go home

In the run up to the general election, a shock poll shows that one in four want all foreigners, legal or not, to go home, and another quarter couldn’t decide whether to agree or disagree with such a statement. Furthermore, the most trusted of all party leaders on the issue of immigration was none other than the leader of the ultta-rightist party, the UKIP. I’m sure we’ve all read the miles of newsprint condemning this lurch to the right in the New York Times, press wires like the AFP and Reuters, etc, etc – or have we?

Gaijin Gulag swallows a new victim

You’ve probably all heard the story about Michael Q Todd, the dolphin-botherer-botherer who got nicked in Taiji for not having a passport and chucked in the Gaijin Gulag (© CJ). When the story first broke I had a soupçon of sympathy for him as he apparently had a fiance and a child in Tokyo, but now it has all vaporized. An update on his fundraising page says (scroll to the bottom):

Michael is in Japan on a tourist visa.

His LinkedIn profile suggests that he has been running a company for seven months – two tourist visas plus an overstay, perhaps – in Tokyo. Strike One!

Michael knew his Japanese visitor’s visa was going to expire and [his fiancé] reports that he had applied for an extension.

You cannot extend a visitor’s visa except in exceptional circumstances, or by doing a visa run… Strike Two!

Before he connected with the Canadian filmmakers, he was then asked to produce his passport by the authorities. He could not produce it as he had left his passport in Yokohama where he has lived with [his fiancé].

Not carrying your passport as required by law. Strike Three!

There’s a bit of extra information/rumour/scandal in a Japan Probe comment here, and Eido clears up tourist visa issues here.

Perhaps after deportation he can ask Christopher Johnson to write up his case? :roll: