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Arudou, Kamei, and Godwin

Two connected stories for the price of one tonight. First, Just Be Cause should be out soon, but looking at the preview on Mr Arudou’s site, I count one :facepalm: error, a second probable error, and one misreading of the political cards, plus his article is now out of date, as we’ll see in story number two. First, the preview:

He suggested political alliances with other conservative reactionaries and xenophobes, including Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto and Tachiagare Nippon (Sunrise Party of Japan) chief Takeo Hiranuma (Just Be Cause, Feb. 2, 2010).

Well, it’s true he suggested them (I’ve not seen evidence that Hashimoto is a xenophobe, though), but last week it was pretty obvious that the chances of linking up with Hashimoto (and Your Party, which doesn’t get a mention) were low, and as one of the founders of the Sunrise Party, it’s hardly a shock that Ishihara is is talking to Hiranuma.

And all before a Lower House election that must be held within two months.

This is Revision 12, and neither you nor your editor have noticed anything wrong here?

He is in fact a hate-mongering racist bigot. This is the man, remember, who began his governorship by calling for foreigners to be rounded up on sight in the event of a natural disaster — for they might (unprecedentedly) riot!

Looking at the New York Times report, he didn’t say anything about rounding up or riots. His comments were, of course, objectionable, but misquoting him is not good form.

However, I seem to have found a more accurate report of his words, from a link off Wikipedia:


We get riots there, but no round-up.

Now, to the second part of the story, Ishihara’s quest for friends. He and Hashimoto had a rather unproductive meeting on Sunday in Kyoto, and on a news analysis corner this morning, Ishihara said something condescending like "Next time I’ll talk to his mother" (I didn’t quite catch the exact quote), but even more fun, Kamei, ex-People’s New Party, told Ishihara to FOAD, or in Japanese, 「一人で死ね」. That article also invokes Godwin’s Law, with this other quote:


I tentatively translate that as "There’s no Hitler in Japan right now, but if we carry on this way, Ishihara will become President Hindenburg."

Oh, and as a bonus, the Japan Times also prints responses to last month’s article.

A curious link between Obama and Ishihara

I just happened to come across this link in passing on how the Heritage Foundation initially proposed the idea that became ObamaCare, and perhaps we all remember that Ishihara’s plan to buy the Senkakus was first floated at a speech at the Heritage Foundation.

I don’t know what this all means, but I’m sure some tinfoil hatters can tell me!