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Well, that went downhill rapidly…

I was going to do two posts today, but I’ve decided to combine them. First up is the Japan Times’ Philip Brasor talking about immigration.

Takenobu, whose specialty is labor issues, explained that almost all the foreigners arrested in Japan are overstayers

Not much of a specialist, then.

The government is afraid of foreign workers settling down permanently because they think Japanese society doesn’t accept them

He links to another quality journalist, Richard Lloyd Parry in The Times (of London) who wrongly describes Ayako Sono as a (current) member of Abe’s education reform panel. I very strongly suspect Mr Brasor is aware of that fact, but chose to misrepresent it as it doesn’t fit in with his narrative.

I was going to go on more, but the Disqus thread has already gone down the drain, bringing me on to my second topic:

I was quite disappointed with the response to my review of the latest Just Be Cause, but I agree with the general feeling of “not the same old dross again!” Debito.org continues to be awful, and commenters get away with any old nonsense – there is the claim of not being racist, which I feel they justify by saying the Government is awful (fair enough), but as the Japanese population has not taken up proverbial arms thus silently assenting to government policies, they are to be pitied, not hated. The complaints about Japan Today being taken over by Japologists is hilarious, and of course some Japanese complain about JT being full of haters.

/r/bitcoin has /r/buttcoin and /r/conspiracy has /r/conspiratard, but sadly there is no /r/debito, and I have long since given up covering Debito.org in detail. There’s definitely a need somewhere for some positive spin (although given record tourist numbers every month recently, perhaps there isn’t really that much of need), but my government brown envelopes are not fat enough to do the necessary, so I suspect Japologism will be taking an extended holiday.

Perhaps I might be back in November for “Visible Minorities and Embedded Racism in Japan”?

I present the Anti-Japologist

Japan Times posts more “news” where the writer does a reverse Japologism – both in content and quality (ie low), it must be said – on a magazine that asked a bunch of foreigners to write something nice about Japan.

“Japanese women are free to be full-time housewives.” “Free” to be, or pressured to be? It depends on how you look at it.

You could say the same thing about Western women being “free” to have a career, when quite often, it seems to me, much of their salary ends up paying for daycare.

Anyway, this got me thinking. I remember a few years ago there was a rumour going around about how the paper was in Soka Gakkai hands, but now it is quite firmly in the strident left-wing camp, or at least its hard left writers get free rein to vent. However, who does that viewpoint serve? I remember the statistic that half their readers are Japanese learning English, who I suspect aren’t too impressed by the editorial team, and a good percentage of the remainder must be tourists getting a free newspaper from their hotel, leaving just a small fraction who are of the same opinion that Japan Is A Nazi Gulag. However, much of that camp has already decamped to foreign climes, so perhaps it is losing significant circulation? Can anyone get hold of the ABC sales figures?

And on a tangent, why isn’t there a JT For Men?