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A turn up for the books, and the new secrets law is a boon for foreign journalists

NHK reports that the police’s annual report highlights foreigners and crime. In the sense of foreigners being targeted by hate speech from right-wing loons.

Regarding the new secrets law, I see that English-language journalists are out in force suggesting how anything embarassing to the government can now be covered up. However, I think for the lazy or scaremongering journalist this new law is a boon. For example, if Sea Shepherd state that Taiji is training dolphins to swim around the Fukushima Dai-ichi reactor pools and scoop up the nuclear fuel, no journalist worth his or her salt would currently bother asking a government official for comment, but from now they can, and when they get laughed out of the minister’s office they can “but perhaps due to the secrets law the government made no comment.”

Oh, and talking of leaking secrets, last month Anonymous (or perhaps someone using their name) said they had evidence of $850 million trade in Taiji dolphin sold as tuna. However, the numbers do not add up, and for the implied human consumption I would imagine the taste would be noticable. I can believe that pet food could contain dolphin as a mystery meat, but still I am waiting to see what is revealed; it seems, however, that the campaign has stalled.

I’m (almost) a real bona fide journalist now!

I got an email from The Daily Journalist, and they wanted me to join their illustrious club of fellow journalists. Which was nice.