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Calling the Dokdo Crusader!

I couldn’t help noticing parallels with Japan in this story from Korea, right down to these photos:

The story also has the old chestnut:

If I took a seat, the seat next to me would often remain empty even during rush hours in crowded subways

Paging Yokohama’s Osaka pal! (I note also that that guy’s son blamed his inability to get a convenience store job on his dreadlocks, not on the colour of his skin; what a Blapologist!)

There’s also the hard to fathom being strangled by a Samsung employee in a taxi (how did that all come about – the lack of details lessens the impact, I feel) and this familiar statement:

the police refused to take any action on the grounds that “racial discrimination does not exist in Korea.”

There’s more on this reddit thread, including a link to a quite impressive Koreapologist:

“The billions of pieces of human genetic code sequenced thus far are most notable for what they do not appear to contain – a genetic test to tell one race of people from another. All scientific finds point to the conclusion that race doesn’t exist”
This means the Bible is correct and there is no such thing as racism, just hatred for others ― and that is sin. Korea is not racist and racism is not serious in this country; sin is, and that is not limited to the Korean people, for the westerner is as guilty as those they falsely accuse. 

Umm, if you say so.


A Korean apologist speaks!

Looking at the annual "Gaijin (or whatever the Korean for it is), slag off the Japanese, win a cash prize" competition, I happened to notice in the sidebar an article entitled "‘Koreans are not racist’", but I hope I don’t sound like the apologising interviewee… It features some interesting comments like:

Koreans can be close-minded to issues of race and culture, but they know it and they want to learn

Racism is usually based on hate — Korea is nothing like that

Japan doesn’t count, obviously. :roll:

However, the comment I found the most interesting was this:

Despite his work with multicultural schools such as the Amerasian Christian Academy in Dongducheon, Gyeonggi Province, Yang believes segregated education is not a long-term solution.

What? Are Korean "multicultural" schools different from what we know in Japan as international schools? Indeed, looking at the Amerasian Christian Academy’s enrollment page it says:

Students wanting to enroll at ACA must be an international student (one or both parents must be a foreigner).

Is this common in Korea? Do such restrictions exist in Japan? I thought they welcomed anyone with a fat-enough wallet?

Anyway, I think English-language speakers in Korea are really lucky to have such a source of balanced views on Japan, and such wonderful photo montages. :headdesk:

A literal "false flag" operation, it seems

You’ve probably all heard about the kerfuffle over the big banner at a recent football match in Korea, which was all Japan’s fault:

The Korean Football Association also posted a statement on its website that blamed Japanese supporters at the match for the banner, linking it to display of a "rising sun" Japanese flag, considered by many Koreans as an emblem of Japan’s historical militarism and occupation of Korea from 1910 to 1945.

Skipping over the illogic in that statement, according to someone who appears to be an official photographer or something for the JFA:

As for the flag on Sunday, can you tell me where in the stadium that was? Because I can tell you. It was right next to the Italian flag that was on the upper deck (and fuck knows what that was all about), far removed from the main group of Japan supporters who have condemned the Rising Sun flag. You can see it here.

The guy flying the giant Japanese flag in that picture is the same guy who flew the Rising Sun flag. He’s a Yokohama F. Marinos supporter (top right) who’s actually banned from their stadium for doing some stupid shit. He’s also been waving the giant flag for several years – I know this because he told me while we were waiting in line at the airport on Monday. He’d mentioned that someone had tried waving the Rising Sun flag but it didn’t register that he was talking about himself until I caught up on sleep and got a better look at all the photos.

Furthermore, it has been discovered that he is also a Shit-Back-That-Racist Crew member, these ultra-leftists looking to give law-abiding patriots a good kicking.

Demos, hate speech and a large question mark

Stopped clocks are right twice a day, so forgive me for linking to a netouyo blog with a curious story. (Link nofollowed just in case) We have this screen shot from NHK (I’m sure I’ve heard others say that NHK ignores these demos, but that’s another matter):


He was interviewed as a man-on-the-street in Korea Town, where all the right-wing loons go with their "Kill All Koreans!" placards, and saying how it really was quite a scary atmosphere. (Is there a full length clip somewhere of this?)

All very good, but someone remembered the face from a counter-demonstration to a pro-Takeshima Day rally in February:


He seems to be wired up with a pin mike in these photos, and of course the suspicion of the right-wing loons is that he is a left-wing Korean nationalist loon, from The Shit-Back-That-Racist Crew

Talking of these matters, next month is a demo entitled Osaka Against Racism, but I saw a post on reddit saying:

The website doesn’t seem to say much of anything about who is organizing this event. So I don’t really know what to expect.

It could just be good-natured people who want to march against racism. But if it was some kind of Chosen Soren-affiliated group, I wouldn’t be shocked. They’ve tried to frame the issue of funding to North Korean schools as tied to racism. They are actually one of the biggest targets of Zaitokukai protesters, so it would make sense for them to organize counter-demonstrations.

And finally, Japan Crush covering the netouyo talking about other netouyo getting arrested at a demonstration.