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Out of jail but back into detention

You’ll have heard that Govinda Prasad Mainali has been granted a retrial, but it does seem rather harsh to me that since he was an illegal immigrant at the time of arrest they transferred him straight to immigration detention for prompt repatriation, despite his family coming all the way over to see him. Even just one day with his family so they could all leave the country together as a unit would have been a much more humane way of treating him.

NHK had harsh words to say about the prosecution tonight, but there was nothing about him seeking compensation, although perhaps that is jumping the gun a little as we need to wait for the retrial.

Oh, and there was one thing that annoyed me in the article:

"In the U.S., for example, if a jury finds a defendant not guilty, prosecutors are not allowed to appeal. I think this is basically correct because juries find reasonable doubt. Defendants should be found not guilty if reasonable doubt exists," said Shozaburo Ishida, one of Mainali’s lawyers.

Why would what happens in the USA be of any relevance to a Nepali in Japan?