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Chinese paper making more sense on Olympics than Japanese one

The South China Morning Post had this to say on Tokyo winning the 2020 Olympics, regarding Fukushima, quoting an expert:

Watanabe said fish caught outside the harbour had shown a gradually decreasing level of caesium contamination, more markedly so in waters 20 kilometres from the plant.

Despite also quoting Hiroaki Koide, the whole article is quite well balanced.

However, in the English-language edition of the Akahata, we have nonsense like this:

Ahead of the International Olympic Committee’s announcement early Sunday, foreign media outlets repeatedly asked the Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee whether the Fukushima plant was really safe. The question was artfully dodged with empty guarantees and statistics on where some of the radioactive material in the ocean had settled, rather than what kind of sea life may have consumed it before migrating along the coast.

What a disappointment that no-one would admit we are ALL going to DIE!

Then we have a quite fanciful article about Kansai hating on Tokyo winning. Note that although I heard lots about Scotland complaining that the London Olympics spending would be at the expense of the Scots, I’ve not heard similar views from Kansai television. We have this text:

There has even been local speculation that the International Olympic Committee might be forced to consider taking the games away from Tokyo if the problems at Fukushima worsen over the next couple of years.

Who has been speculating? Anyone important? The article author and a few friends in the pub? We are never told.

Finally, we have this wonderful letter from a reader, with some advice on how to remove the radioactivity from the waste water:

There is a new technology, called capacitive deionization […]. It has only recently been introduced to the market, but I imagine that it would be possible to locate some that could be drop-shipped.

I find the idea of TEPCO searching the web to try to find a few online shops where they can order some quite hilarious. Mind you, given their overall uselessness, I suppose TEPCO could do worse…

A reluctant Fukushima kenmin and a Fookooshimar fail

I read an article in the Japan Times entitled "Fukushima: health disaster or PR fail?", written by their resident scientist of exemplary qualifications. To save you the bother of reading, the answer is, of course, B. However, especially when you contrast the tone with last month’s anti-whaling article by the same author, where he even went as far as putting italics in the headline, his lack of passion for the lack of health problems forecast by the professor he interviewed is quite, quite disappointing.

Here’s also a Tokyo equals Fookooshimar site that tried and failed to chase away the Olympic committee, and all I can see reading the numbers is that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. I wonder what the figures would be if a similar survey was conducted in Istanbul or Madrid?

Tokyo is not Fukushima; Fukushima is not Fookooshimar

When I started off Japlogism.com I did state that I would not cover individual posts on Debito.org, but a recent comment thread has convinced me to break my promise, but I’ll not make a habit of it, I promise!

The comment from Mr Arudou was:

The logic becomes, “Radiation? Well, it must be safe, as all those other athletes are risking it. And I’m not losing my opportunity for a medal to some other jackasses who are willing to risk it.”

Unless they introduce Gutter Silt Swimming or fill the long jump pit with incinerator ash (in the first few months there was a definite problem with radioactive residue in Tokyo, but the current burning of residue from prefectures other than Fukushima has little more than just normal background as far as I am aware) anyone talking about radiation risk in Tokyo now, let alone 7 years later is either a scaremonger or ignorant, or both. That goes for both Mr Arudou and the athletes he imagines might consider this.

As for Fukushima not being Fookooshimar, Japan Times does a good article on the lack of exposure in everyone tested.

Oh, and as for the main reason for the thread, Hidehiko Nishiyama does appear to be an idiot, although one bureaucrat uttering "an incredibly racist insult" (I think that’s an over-reaction myself) doesn’t somehow prove that "racism being endemic in the heart of the Japanese state".