The Christmas present thread

Please comment here! I’m away from my PC so unable to make a proper post.

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  1. Ken on another phone

    @Simon: I decided to delete that link – no outing people, please.

  2. @Ken on another phone:

    In defence of Simon, that wasn’t an outing. The link was about a notorious nihonjinronist academic (not someone who would post on who claimed that the Japanese, because of their different brains, heard the sound of the animals as language, not noise. We foreigners may think that dogs go bow-wow, but that’s our brains and language blocking us from directly and truly communing with nature. In reality dogs actually do go wan-wan. This is why Japanese have profound respect towards nature and gaijin don’t.

    Other scientists have been unable to reproduce his results.

  3. Ken on another phone

    @VK: Oops, reinstated.

  4. Bit late getting back to this but thanks, VK, for clarifying that. Yeah, Ken, it was just a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that one dodgy psuedosciencer was related to another.

  5. Panasonic and Rakuten had the most to gain from hacking Sony. Why didn’t anybody think of that?


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