The good news, it’s not as bad as I expected…

Yes, it’s that time of the month again. Let’s start off with the phrase that has appeared in almost all (well, that’s the way it feels, anyway) of his recent columns:

an irradiated food chain

Ampontan recently posted this quote:

Putting aside the emotions that arose immediately after (the Fukushima nuclear accident), the people who still make a ruckus because “radiation is frightening” are publicly declaring, “I am an idiot.”

Then there’s this quote:

Known as the "fragile superpower,"

When has Japan ever been a superpower? Googling that phrase tells me it is the title of a book about China! :facepalm:

Through glib texts to the general public, [Toru Hashimoto] stated in essence that the "comfort women" wartime sexual slavery issue had not been resolved by Japan’s official acknowledgment of the historical evidence in 1993 (something Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also asserted but later retracted).

I’m sure it will be news to the South Koreans that the Kono Statement "resolved" the comfort women issue. :roll:

The ensuing suspicion of "outsiders in our midst" helped stem the tide of Japan’s internationalization and diversification, as Japan’s foreign-resident population, after an unbroken 48-year rise, began falling.

It was the irradiated food chain previously, and the economic downturn before that. Please stick with one reason.

A mere three years later, people seem disappointed that the Democratic Party of Japan couldn’t undo a half-century of embedded LDP cronyism.

Nope, that’s not why "the people" are disappointed.

Hashimoto also launched his ominously named Japan Restoration Party, which has few policy aims except the proactive defense of Japanese sovereignty and territories.

Let’s see what his Ishin Hassaku says:

    1. 「決める政治」を礼賛
    2. 巧みなマスコミ操作術
    3. 「靖国史観」を大阪から
    4. 財界いいなり型は不変
    5. 米政府の顔色うかがう
    6. 「ベイビーズ」の品性
    7. 「嘘は政治家の始まり」
    8. 強権的な政治を許すな

Err, wait a minute… :lol: Actually, it’s pretty hard for me to find a list of his policies, so proper links welcome.

But now that even the Japanese media have started adopting the jingoistic tone of "restoring" Japan

Eh? Links please! I thought most of the Tokyo press is pretty negative towards Hashimoto. Or are you assuming that anyone who supports Japan’s claims on these islands is automatically a revisionist/restorer?

Now with boats clashing prows and loosing water cannon at each other because of ocean specks

He mentioned Takeshima at the head of the article, but there’s none of that going on there.

By then, history will have taught Japan’s governing elites the folly and waste of clashing over petty nationalistic goals. If there is any hope.

What is he saying here? He hopes that Japan goes to war and gets it arse kicked again? I cannot really parse anything else out of that statement.

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  1. @chuckers:

    There *is* no magic box, no special puzzle, no da Vinci code. There is no spoon and the cake is a lie. Accept people for who they are and usually you will be accepted for who you are.

    er…That’s actually what I took those quotes to imply.

  2. @VK:

    I took

    This fantasy that Japanese people are gonna treat you right

    to mean that he was implying Japanese would NEVER treat you right.

    Considering his past record for trolling, that isn’t much of a stretch to believe.

  3. Looks like I wasn’t too far off the mark with “senior moment”.

    Good to see that poor reading comprehension isn’t a trait owned by Debito alone.

  4. “Projection” is a Freudian concept that has gained traction in popular discourse over the last 50 years.

    The general phenomenon is treated by social psychology, linguistics, pragmatics and related disciplines more in terms of the following:

    social categorization

    and so forth, depending on the extent to which you think the “projection” is a property of the observer or the parties to the interaction.

    On the other matter, the toe-curling NZ trip story, I read that some years ago (and another story about DA humiliating some guy from a utility company or something) and it was obvious to me that he was a nutjob. Not with the details of the stories (which are bad enough) but the fact that he thought them suitable to post on his blog.

    And not as “posts” mind you, but as “articles”. He has thousands, you know.

  5. @iLikeDolphins:

    Yeah, this is a thing I have mentioned in the past. There is this mindset, fed by years of orientalist, fetishised reporting reporting in the foreign media in which Japan is rendered in a particularly fixed way. The same tropes are wheeled out regularly, you can almost set your calendar by the quirky stories about Japan that feature in all the mainstream media.

    Again, as I have said elsewhere, this lazy reporting is often performed using second and third hand, non-Japanese sources by “reporters/journalists” who can’t speak, read or write Japanese.

    The Debitos and Locos of this world buy into these ideas as a type of essentialised and true experience of Japan. Compounded by their linguistic shortcomings and quite often their personalities (hey, we all have flaws) they somehow manage to remain at a distance from actual reality in Japan. They are trapped in an endless self-gratifying, self-justifying intellectual (now that’s dressing up mutton as lamb) feedback loop whereby alternative voices simply cannot be heard.

    Basically, they remain in a state of culture shock. Loco himself has been in Japan for too long to continue relying on exchanges between himself and private students and taxi drivers as representative of Japan. He simply paints himself as a gaijin. A quirky outsider looking in with very little new or interesting to say.

  6. Though I don’t think we should put Loco or in the same sentence as debito.

    AFAIK the, shall we say, strong reaction to debito is due to his record of going way beyond dorky gaijin reflections on Japan from the English bubble available from any of 1000 blogs.

    Has Loco ever called someone’s place of employment trying to get them fired? Said gaijin shold never marry Japanese? Censor and ban commenters and then brag about it? Posted personal information and photos of his enemies to encourage fans to harass them? Followed his enemies and tried to publicly embarrass them in academic conferences? Does he even have an enemies list?

    This is not just dorkiness, this is serious anger management issues, at the very least.

    If you’re gonna lump someone in with debito, let it be Christopher Johnson, awesome freelance Asia reporter and veteran of 825 wars who settles arguments with a shotgun.

  7. Censor and ban commenters and then brag about it.


  8. Wasn’t there a link to Debito’s article in The Melanin Millennium on here? I can’t seem to find it now. Are we allowed to post our thoughts about it here? It is as batshit crazy as all his other stuff. How did this guy ever get an undergraduate degree, let alone published in an actual book.

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