Today’s non-news: yet again, millions still not diagnosed as dead from Fukushima

A not-surprising article from Forbes on a UN report:

Increased rates of detection of [thyroid] nodules, cysts and cancers have been observed during the first round of screening; however, these are to be expected in view of the high detection efficiency [using modern high-efficiency ultrasonography]. Data from similar screening protocols in areas not affected by the accident imply that the apparent increased rates of detection among children in Fukushima Prefecture are unrelated to radiation exposure.

The comments, as ever, are :headdesk:

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  1. It seems you all hate English teachers.
    If you are all so superior, why not have this discussion in Japanese? You belittle Debito as not speaking Japanese, but you have your anti-Debito comments in E, rather than J. How profound.

  2. iLikedolphins

    Is this one of those hit and run guys? Probably an eikaiwa drone who’s had a couple of chu-hai’s and’s feeling some nervy bravado

  3. @THE ONE:

    That’s an easy answer: desired target audience. Yes, many of us can speak and write in Japanese (and if you searched a little more carefully, you’d find on the internet where we do communicate in Japanese).

    However, just as Debito’s target audience is not Japanese society (Japanese or foreign) but rather English only speaking people connected to Japan, THIS blog’s target audience is the same people.

    The difference is, we KNOW we’re not making a difference with this English language blog amongst people in Japan that use Japanese, and we don’t care; this blog is more interested in making a impact amongst the English folk that read things like and other Social Justice Warrior Blogs in Japan.

    The funny thing is, commenters actually think Japanese are paying attention or care about their English language opinions.

  4. @THE ONE:

    What makes you think Arudou likes Japan? He thinks the population are out to get him, he wants to see the economy ruined to teach the country a lesson over the tsunami, and he’s told foreigners to leave if they can. (Any foreigner who becomes successful here he attacks.)

  5. KT88 (that what irony did not kill)

    @ザ ワン、

    Sez clever pants in English. These young’uns sure do lack irony these days… maybe it’s all that fookooshimar radiation filtered through brain numbing boredom generated by smartphone copycat apps… or something.

    Smackdown D-
    Troll attempt F

  6. iLikeDolphins

    Deep in the countryside on a finishing course I was at an Aeon food court having ordered a Japan Burger from McDonalds. As I sat down to eat there were at least 20 Japanese people within a 15 meter radius of my table and yet not one of them came over to speak to me or inquire as to why a foreigner would be eating a Japan Burger during the World Cup.

    The microaggression was thick enough to cut with a plastic knife. I was virtually being ignored. How are the 2020 Olympics going to go down if this sort of shit is continually allowed to happen?

    I hate being asked where I’m from but no-one even asked me. I had a sardonic answer prepared. Did I use it? No. Because these fucking gooks are as racist as a cunt in a hen-house.

  7. Like.


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