Truth stranger than fiction: From Gaijin Gulag to Stalag Sheepshagger

Picking up some gossip from Fucked Gaijin, I see that Michael Q Todd has this to say on Facebook:

Michael Q Todd The tax department say I owe them money Luigi so I was not allowed on the plane. May be here a while as they have no inclination to sort out their mistakes. Will probably have to take them to court

It seems that he has been refused permission to depart from New Zealand until he sorts out some tax issues. I’m sure it’s all a big mistake, as he said previously on Japan Probe (my emphasis):

4. I do do some social media related work but online and pay tax in New Zealand (we have a reciprocal agreement with Japan). Lots of people are getting paid from work done in other countries while on visitor visas in Japan.
As you have suggested who would be stupid enough to go to Taiji or work in Japan without a valid visa.


PS: Guys (in particular Mr Dolphins), please leave the character assassination to Fucked Gaijin, thanks!

PPS: For any lawyers reading, obviously Mr Todd has not been detained, but the whole of New Zealand is metaphorically a prison preventing returning to where he feels his true home is, Tokyo.

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  1. What the fudge?

    I’m already like the most censored person ever on this site and now there are polite guidelines being put in place? This is just gonna make me feel even more the Alpha Male in a room full of kanji-reading grammar-stickling pencil-necked dweebs who recoil in horror at the thought of humans casting aspersions on one another. No wonder I dominate this place like the working-man in dirty overalls who comes into your house to check your pipes and ends up shagging your wife just like in your cheesy Gaijin porn videos.

  2. Speaking of Facebook gossip, Mark ‘Sparky’ Devlin is back in town and launching a new magazine called M2.

    One of the cover articles is titled “Japan – Bad Neighbor,” while another (or perhaps the same one) by Gregory, titled “Japan Dis-incorporated” can be found on the magazine’s blog:

  3. @sublight: I am aware of the gossip around Mr Devlin, but at the moment all I can say is “Good luck!”, and perhaps point out that Metropolis may very well have shrunk due to the internet, not (only?) bad management. Is there really a market for another paid-for paper. Also, I’m not sure that a pierced Bruce Willis (surely I’m not the only one who thought that!) has more than just a limited appeal.

    Regarding the Gregory Clark article, he seems to change his stance often – I would have thought he’d be more pro-Japan on these issues.

    Furthermore, that web site theme is awful – Android browser widgets and a three screenful header image on my netbook.

    @iLikedolphins: I’ll reply to you privately later. :wink:

  4. Sorry, that should have said “by Gregory Clark” rather than “by Gregory”. One of the problems of being a hardcore father of a 6-year-old is frequent distractions.

  5. @iLikedolphins: The reason I asked you to keep quiet is, as you’ll know if you’ve been following his Facebook, he went for a “liver detox”, if you know what I mean, delivered by a People’s Liberation Army-trained therapist, so hopefully this means he will be posting here soon. :cool:

  6. No character assassinations? With a headline like that, there’s not much need (especially the way it evokes memories of another popular chappie). Talking of whom, I see he has twittered in on the Devlin/Lloyd slapfest (“should I investigate?”).

  7. In no way am I ‘following his Facebook’. I’m too busy spading this little blonde pole dancer chick who works at the standing bar across from the park.

  8. @iLikedolphins: If I hadn’t been so tired last night (hayfever medicines) I would have (a) posted after midnight and (b) deleted my comment before leaving from work.

    Please return to your spading, and I shall never mention Facebook in your presence again. :wink:

  9. Oh, and just for the record, liver detox is quackery. :facepalm:

  10. So Twitter Guru MQT has been detained by authorities for being a deadbeat parent? Say it ain’t so….

  11. @gohomeloser: Well, it might not be so – he has just said he has been detained, but he did not state a clear reason.

  12. Meanwhile, the preview edition of M2 Tokyo Life magazine is now online and, suspiciously, about two thirds of it is written by the JT hack CB Liddell. Does it really stand a chance?

  13. Michael Q. Todd: The 70 Million Dollar Man? - LQQK at THIS!!! - pingback on October 25, 2014 at 9:34 am

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