Well, that went downhill rapidly…

I was going to do two posts today, but I’ve decided to combine them. First up is the Japan Times’ Philip Brasor talking about immigration.

Takenobu, whose specialty is labor issues, explained that almost all the foreigners arrested in Japan are overstayers

Not much of a specialist, then.

The government is afraid of foreign workers settling down permanently because they think Japanese society doesn’t accept them

He links to another quality journalist, Richard Lloyd Parry in The Times (of London) who wrongly describes Ayako Sono as a (current) member of Abe’s education reform panel. I very strongly suspect Mr Brasor is aware of that fact, but chose to misrepresent it as it doesn’t fit in with his narrative.

I was going to go on more, but the Disqus thread has already gone down the drain, bringing me on to my second topic:

I was quite disappointed with the response to my review of the latest Just Be Cause, but I agree with the general feeling of “not the same old dross again!” Debito.org continues to be awful, and commenters get away with any old nonsense – there is the claim of not being racist, which I feel they justify by saying the Government is awful (fair enough), but as the Japanese population has not taken up proverbial arms thus silently assenting to government policies, they are to be pitied, not hated. The complaints about Japan Today being taken over by Japologists is hilarious, and of course some Japanese complain about JT being full of haters.

/r/bitcoin has /r/buttcoin and /r/conspiracy has /r/conspiratard, but sadly there is no /r/debito, and I have long since given up covering Debito.org in detail. There’s definitely a need somewhere for some positive spin (although given record tourist numbers every month recently, perhaps there isn’t really that much of need), but my government brown envelopes are not fat enough to do the necessary, so I suspect Japologism will be taking an extended holiday.

Perhaps I might be back in November for “Visible Minorities and Embedded Racism in Japan”?

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  1. Dedicated Whale Researcher

    The place at reddit where people point out Debito articles and laugh at them, and his community of burned-out self-loathing white pith-helmet wankers, is definitely “/r/japan”

    (though discussion more volatile and interesting happens in /r/japancirclejerk, admittedly recently it’s been even a little ‘human dumpster-ish” there for my tastes)

  2. I dunno, /r/japan has read like a Debito-esque sort of subreddit quite often in the past. I don’t subscribe to it anymore because of this — after a while, reading yet another post about (pick one: whales, dolphins, I need a job/apartment, The War™, disputed rock outcroppings, comfort women, comfort men, comfort cats, please translate this) gets a bit old.

    /r/japanlife is theoretically more for people who live here but it’s a wasteland most of the time.

    But then again, I suppose you’ll have more meaningful discussion in either of those two subs than you ever would in, say, /r/worldnews. I stopped reading that cesspool when someone said to me in no uncertain terms that whalers should be shot. Oooookay, Mr. Edgy.

  3. Just to be clear about the comment that I left on your previous post, I wasn’t taking any issue with anyone who would like to rebut Debito’s idiotic opinions. I think it’s really important that someone contributes some sort of corrective, somewhere, and it’s one of the reasons I come to this site. I was just taking issue with the JT for continuing to give him a platform to air his abhorrently racist views.

  4. KT88 (the remorse)

    Just doesn’t feel fun anymore. All the reddit subs are shit, exactly the same as JT, debito et al. A few voices of experience and reason drowned out by racists, weeaboos and children fresh out of college.

    The former are far outweighed, after all it is time that confers both age and attrition. The latter meanwhile seem to have an unending supply. The “foreign” market is aimed at/caters to the dorks, deadbeats and Debitards and consolidates its pathos based claim for legitimacy on repetition, sentiment and community built on social dislocation and culture shock.

    The older I get, the further I get away from it… and I haven’t even been even remotely close for a long time. And through that distance, the whole psychological, pseudo-intellectual clusterfuck just appears to be another marginal colonial cult/fetish relegated to the fringes of a particular experience of late capitalist modernity.

  5. If I may inject a little nostalgia, Borudemoruto on his blog and social media seems to be claiming that he got the sign taken down at that tempura restaurant last year.

  6. @VK: No, I don’t think so: Doubly so for somebody trying to get an exclusionary sign down. Note the “trying” there.

    And of course, after it was reported that Eido got the sign taken down, I counted six posters attacking him, and only one mild rebuke from the Doctor.

    Now here’s an odd thing – Arudou reports a year-old conversation a couple of weeks after reposting a year-old attack on the East-West Center, along with a cryptic “I’ve been sitting on this article for about a year, and now it’s time to come out.” :???: Has his job-hunting at these places finally come to an unsuccessful end?

  7. The key phrase is on FB (I got a tip-off from an exasperated mutual friend). The great doctor was asked about the tempura shop and he answered:

    “The result is up on the blog, linked from this posting. The sign came down. In other words the tactics worked.”

  8. That reddit debate seems like just another gaijin pot to me. Generally, the ‘NJ conversation’, so to speak, does seem a bit fatigued, bored, and burnt out at the moment: I don’t really know why or what would turn it around. The Japan Times and FCCJ seem to be on the ropes as well, so it does seem a professional malaise as well. Anyway, respect for this site.

  9. It was never about Debito anyway, we were fighting with ourselves.

  10. @Dedicated Whale Researcher:

    The place at reddit where people point out Debito articles and laugh at them, and his community of burned-out self-loathing white pith-helmet wankers, is definitely “/r/japan

    Actually, that would be /r/japancirclejerk

  11. If you want to give debito a rest I think there’s still good mileage in making fun of the Japan Today dweebs.

    For example Aly Rumson or something in the comments threatens Japan with the English teachers going home and further accelerating Japans population decline.


    I would assume the cabinet is in an emergency session at Nagatcho debating how to handle this grave threat.

  12. ilikedolphins

    So if we post our comments here instead of reddit Uncle Ken won’t take his ball out of play and go home?

  13. Dedicated Whale Researcher

    “The result is up on the blog, linked from this posting. The sign came down. In other words the tactics worked.”


    It’s like saying that you were entirely responsible for the cleanup operation that happened at the izakaya; you saw some salaryman throwing up in the urinal, you tweeted a picture of the sick, a staff member who works at the izakaya, currently on his break, rolls up his hands and cleans up the human sick for an hour. And the next time you see the clean urinal, you say to yourself. “Yep, this was me. I did all this work.”

  14. @Dedicated Whale Researcher:

    He didn’t even take the picture. Someone else did.

    The only way his tactics “worked” is if he set out deliberately to be such a confrontational bigoted arrogant and ineffective arse that others were impelled to intervene to prove a point about how just such an arse he was.

    :shock: Maybe he’s been playing a very long game….

  15. He’s rolled the clock back further and posted a video from 6 years ago of him taking a kabukicho fuzoku tencho to task.

  16. He’s jobhunting again and turning debito.org into his resume. A big mistake given the comments it attracts and the odd meltdown he has on there.

    He might as well return to ESL teaching. It was the only thing he seemed to be good at and the environment shielded his immature personality from being exposed too much. Doubt his ego would allow it through.

  17. @COYP: Japan Today is too much of fish in a barrel.

    @COYP: I don’t think so myself, but the Doctor moves in mysterious ways, so who knows. There definitely is something afoot. :???:

  18. What Arudou doesn’t understand, as demonstrated by his last two posts, is that he can’t have it both ways.

    He can’t have full 100% control over the comments of debito.org — especially after it has been shown time and time again from people who have published their rejected comments — that the moderation is more for vanity than it is for abuse control … yet then disassociate himself with the more extreme comments (including racism, which has even been pointed out in separate columns by others) that are published there.

    Because he hand-picks and 100% pre-moderates and often adds a blurb (often passive aggressive snarky to those he doesn’t agree with. How do you debate somebody that literally has the final word and final say?) to every. single. comment.

    Well… that makes Debito.org (including the comments) = Debito Arudou the man.

    When Debito knows he’s in front of a camera, his best behavior comes through. When Debito thinks he can do something or express an extreme opinion without it being pinned/blamed directly on him (i.e. sponsoring a post or comment by an often anonymous third party), his true colors and motives are shown. I have a little personal experience with that.

    If I was interviewing for a job and debito.org was my resume, I’d set WordPress to block the ip addresses of the company that’s evaluating me.What’s torpedoing his job offers is his not Wikipedia, but his blog and the articles written about that blog which link to it.

    Nobody believes his disclaimer about his commenting policy, as it’s been shown time and time again that good, reasonable, comments that are not disruptive have been censored if they don’t fit his narrative. I believe there were even blogs out there that did nothing but post comments that debito refused to publish.

    Debito needs to man up, and either: OWN the content of the comments on debito.org (including the ugly stuff), or prove that the commenters are truly not being molded/edited and selectively posted to fit the narrative he desires, by letting ALL the comments through.

    “Play the ball, not the man.” Uh, right. Problem is, he makes up the rules (he’s literally the sole umpire) as he goes along to make sure he always has the advantage.

    Also, if he or others have a problem with people calling him by his former name, perhaps he shouldn’t title over 1000 blog pages with “Arudou Debito/Dave Aldwinckle’s Home Page” in the top left corner.

    I definitely know that “Dr. ARUDOU, Debito” is fully capable of changing his name on a gazillion other different social networking platforms. :cool:

  19. Well, sir, in all fairness to your opponent … it’s not as if your career has went the way you’ve wanted it to go, and as with your opponent, that’s nobody’s fault but your own.

    Setting aside for the moment your apparent attempt to replace your opponent as the go-to guy for data on how to assimilate, with the odd bits where you reported Americans failing to renounce but disclaimed all responsibility for the content of your reporting and failed to follow up with your MOJ “drinking buddy” …

    … you haven’t been doing that well out in the job market. TurboLinux/PHT (repackaging RedHat), then RedHat for helpdesk (IIRC), then Google, then less than a year at Rakuten, then back at RedHat again as helpdesk.

    One could say that you’re going through the same emotional and professional arc as the good Doctor. You tried the journalism thing on your site just like he did. You left a local-hire sure-thing at Google for another local-hire sure-thing at Rakuten, and then back doing support at Red Hat?

    Remove the plank from your own eye before pointing out the mote in the good Doctor’s eye, Eido.

  20. KT88 (wait, what?)

    @L. Bob Rife: So, like, how come stalkery trash like this gets through but anything I post via mobile wifi gets blocked…?

  21. KT88 (hang on... why?)

    So that last one went through. Was my last message about curb stomping JT fish in barrels just too controversial then?

  22. @L. Bob Rife:

    Since when did Arudou recommend assimilation? He keeps telling everyone it’s impossible and he’s been recommending repatriation for a while now.

    And why bother writing as if you’ve done some kind of clever detective work? Why not just link to havill’s LinkedIn page? Oh – no – that would show you’d made some stuff up. Hmmm. Have you ever pretended to be a journalist?

  23. VK, FYI, it’s not our favourite journalist here.

  24. ilikedolphins

    Working the help desk at his age does sound a bit Eikaiwa 2.0 though.

    If the hat fits…..


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